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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Assigning a confidence threshold on automatic beat annotation in large datasetsJoão Lobato Oliveira; José Zapata; Andre Holzapfel; Matthew Davies; Fabien Gouyon
2013AutoMashUpper: An Automatic Multi-Song Mashup SystemMatthew Davies; Hamel,P; Yoshii,K; Goto,M
2014AutoMashUpper: Automatic creation of multi-song music mashupsMatthew Davies; Hamel,P; Yoshii,K; Goto,M
2017Automatic musical key estimation with adaptive mode biasGuedes,Carlos; Bernardes,Gilberto; Matthew Davies
2012Beat tracking for multiple applications: A multi-agent system architecture with state recoveryLuís Paulo Reis; João Lobato Oliveira; Fabien Gouyon; Matthew Davies
2015Computational strategies for breakbeat classification and resequencing in hardcore, jungle and drum and bassHockman,JA; Matthew Davies
2012Computer aided music therapy evaluation: Testing the music therapy logbook prototype 1 systemStreeter E.; J. D. Reiss; Matthew Davies; A. Hunt
2016Conchord: An Application for Generating Musical Harmony by Navigating in the Tonal Interval SpaceGilberto Bernardes Almeida; Diogo Miguel Cocharro; Carlos Guedes; Matthew Davies
2014Considering roughness to describe and generate vertical musical structure in content-based algorithmic-assisted audio compositionGilberto Bernardes Almeida; Matthew Davies; Guedes,C; Pennycook,B
2017Embedded Systems Feel the Beat in New Orleans: Highlights from the IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2017 Student Competition [SP Competitions]Jin,CT; Matthew Davies; Campisi,P
2014Evaluating the Evaluation Measures for Beat TrackingMatthew Davies; Böck,S
2017A Generative Model for the Characterization of Musical RhythmsSioros,G; Matthew Davies; Guedes,C
2015Harmonic mixing based on roughness and pitch commonalityGebhardt,R; Matthew Davies; Seeber,B
2016Harmony Generation Driven by a Perceptually Motivated Tonal Interval SpaceGilberto Bernardes Almeida; Diogo Miguel Cocharro; Carlos Guedes; Matthew Davies
2014Improvasher: A Real-Time Mashup System for Live Musical InputMatthew Davies; Stark,AM; Gouyon,F; Goto,M
2011Measuring the performance of beat tracking algorithms using a beat error histogramMatthew Davies; M. D. Plumbley; N. Degara
2014Multi-Feature Beat TrackingZapata,JR; Matthew Davies; Gomez,E
2016A multi-level tonal interval space for modelling pitch relatedness and musical consonanceGilberto Bernardes Almeida; Diogo Miguel Cocharro; Marcelo Freitas Caetano; Carlos Guedes; Matthew Davies
2012On the Automatic Identification of Difficult Examples for Beat Tracking: Towards Building New Evaluation DatasetsJoão Lobato Oliveira; Andre Holzapfel; Matthew Davies; J.R. Zapata; Fabien Gouyon