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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20113DWikiU - 3D Wiki For Urban EnvironmentsAntónio Coelho; Pedro Brandão Silva; Luís Gonzaga Magalhães; Augusto Sousa; José Cruz; Fernando Ferreira; Artur Rocha; João Moura; Maximino Bessa; Miguel Correia Melo
2009Accessibility and Usability on the Internet for people with intellectual disabilitiesLuís Gonzaga Magalhães; Tânia Rocha; Martinho Gonçalves; Maximino Bessa; Francisco Godinho
2016Adaptation and Validation of the Igroup Presence Questionnaire (IPQ) in a Portuguese SampleJosé Vasconcelos Raposo; Maximino Bessa; Miguel Correia Melo; Luis Barbosa; Rui Pedro Rodrigues; Teixeira,CM; Cabral,L; Augusto Sousa
2018Adaptation and Validation of the ITC - Sense of Presence Inventory for the Portuguese languageJosé Vasconcelos Raposo; Maximino Bessa; Cabral,L; Teixeira,C; Miguel Correia Melo; 5095; 6565; 5408
2019Adaptation and Validation of the Temple Presence Inventory in a Portuguese PopulationJosé Vasconcelos Raposo; Miguel Correia Melo; Cabral,L; Teixeira,CM; Maximino Bessa; 6565; 5095; 5408
2019Age and level of education impact on expectancy and perceived similarity between virtual and real touristic environmentsMagalhaes,M; Maximino Bessa; António Coelho; Miguel Correia Melo; 5095; 3132; 5408
2017Age group differences in performance using distinct input modalities: A target acquisition performance evaluationCarvalho,D; Maximino Bessa; Magalhaes,L; Miguel Correia Melo; Carrapatoso,E
2016Age group differences in performance using diverse input modalities: insertion task evaluationCarvalho,Diana; Maximino Bessa; Magalhães,Luis; Carrapatoso,Eurico
2018Application of the steering law to virtual reality walking navigation interfacesPedro Ermida Monteiro; Maximino Bessa; Frederico Branco; Miguel Correia Melo; Carvalho,D; 6499; 5408; 6927; 5095
2019Authoring tools for creating 360 multisensory videos—Evaluation of different interfacesLuis Barbosa; Maximino Bessa; Teixeira,MS; José Luís Martins; Coelho,H; Miguel Correia Melo; 5408; 5095; 6516; 6279
2019Collaborative immersive authoring tool for real-time creation of multisensory VR experiencesHugo Rafael Mendes; Maximino Bessa; José Luís Martins; Miguel Correia Melo; 6516; 5408; 5095; 7622
2019Comparison of Radial and Panel Menus in Virtual RealityPedro Ermida Monteiro; Maximino Bessa; Miguel Correia Melo; Goncalves,G; Coelho,H; 5095; 6927; 5408
2018A Conceptual Research Model Proposal of Digital Marketing Adoption and Impact on Low Density Tourism RegionsRamiro Gonçalves; Jorge,F; Maximino Bessa; José Luís Martins; Teixeira,MS; Correia,RJ; 6516; 5095; 5754
2017Context-aware HDR video distribution for mobile devicesMiguel Correia Melo; Luis Barbosa; Maximino Bessa; Debattista,K; Chalmers,A
2017A Context-Aware Method for Authentically Simulating Outdoors Shadows for Mobile Augmented RealityBarreira,J; Maximino Bessa; Luis Barbosa; Magalhaes,L
2009Contextualized Ubiquity: A New Opportunity for Rendering Business Information and ServicesEmanuel Peres; Raul Morais; Carlos Rompante Cunha; Manuel Cabral Reis; Maximino Bessa
2010Contextualized Ubiquity: A New Opportunity for Rendering Business Information and Services_Manuel Cabral Reis; Raul Morais; Maximino Bessa; Emanuel Peres; Carlos Rompante
2019Correlation between Game Experience and Presence in immersive virtual reality gamesCoelho,H; Maximino Bessa; Miguel Correia Melo; Pedro Ermida Monteiro; Goncalves,G; 5095; 5408
2009Desenvolvimento de um operador de tone mapping para dispositivos com ecrã pequenoJoão Paulo Moura; Carlos Urbano; Luís Gonzaga Magalhães; Adérito Fernandes Marcos; Maximino Bessa
2012Developing a multi-touch Serious Game to fight the digital divide - The Portuguese ATM: a pilot case studyEmanuel Peres Correia; Carlos Guedes; Maximino Bessa; Lia Oliveira; Diana Machado Carvalho; Luís Gonzaga Magalhães