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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Active Illumination Single-Pixel Camera Based on Compressive SensingMehrdad Abolbashari; Francisco Araújo; Miguel Velhote Correia; Faramarz Farahi; Filipe Tiago Magalhães
2017Analysis and quantification of upper-limb movement in motor rehabilitation after strokeSilva,RM; Sousa,E; Fonseca,P; Pinheiro,AR; Silva,C; Miguel Velhote Correia; Mouta,S
2014Anticipatory postural adjustments during sitting reach movement in post-stroke subjectsPereira,S; Silva,CC; Ferreira,S; Silva,C; Oliveira,N; Santos,R; Vilas Boas,JP; Miguel Velhote Correia
2012Biological imaging with high dynamic range using compressive imaging techniqueGelareh Babaie; Faramarz Farahi; Mehrdad Abolbashari; Filipe Tiago Magalhães; Miguel Velhote Correia; Francisco Araújo; Awad Gerges
2016Classification of knee arthropathy with accelerometer-based vibroarthrographyMoreira,D; Silva,J; Miguel Velhote Correia; Massada,M
2014Co-activation of upper limb muscles during reaching in post-stroke subjects: An analysis of the contralesional and ipsilesional limbsSilva,CC; Sousa,A; Pinheiro,AR; Bourlinova,C; Silva,A; Silva,A; Salazar,A; Borges,C; Crasto,C; Miguel Velhote Correia; Vilas Boas,JP; Santos,R
2012COMPENSATORY MOVEMENT DETECTION THROUGH INERTIAL SENSOR POSITIONING FOR POST-STROKE REHABILITATIONRubim Santos; Ana Sofia Silva; Miguel Velhote Correia; Joao Paulo Vilas-Boas; Carla Mariana Silva; Claudia Silva; António José Salazar
2013Compressive Sensing Based Face Detection without Explicit Image Reconstruction Using Support Vector MachinesMagalhaes,F; Sousa,R; Araujo,FM; Miguel Velhote Correia
2011A compressive sensing transmissive single-pixel cameraMiguel Velhote Correia; Filipe Tiago Magalhães; Mehrdad Abolbashari; Faramarz Farahi; Francisco Araújo
2017Consistency of surface electromyography assessment at lower limb selected muscles during vertical countermovementCarlos Barbosa Rodrigues; Miguel Velhote Correia; Abrantes,JMCS; Nadal,J; Rodrigues,MAB
2014DALM-SVD: Accelerated sparse coding through singular value decomposition of the dictionaryGonçalves,HR; Miguel Velhote Correia; Li,X; Sankaranarayanan,A; Vítor Grade Tavares
2013Design and characterization of a wearable macrobending fiber optic sensor for human joint angle determinationSilva,AS; Catarino,A; Miguel Velhote Correia; Orlando Frazão
2014E-legging for monitoring the human locomotion patternsCatarino,A; Rocha,AM; Abreu,MJ; Derogarian,F; José Machado da Silva; João Canas Ferreira; Vítor Grade Tavares; Miguel Velhote Correia; Dias,R
2014Enhancing dynamic videos for surveillance and robotic applications: The robust bilateral and temporal filterAndry Maykol Pinto; Paulo José Costa; Miguel Velhote Correia; António Paulo Moreira
2015A fast spatial variation modeling algorithm for efficient test cost reduction of analog/RF circuitsGonçalves,HugoR.; Li,Xin; Miguel Velhote Correia; Tavares,Vitor; Jr.,JohnM.Carulli; Butler,KennethM.
2014A Flow-based Motion Perception Technique for an Autonomous Robot SystemAndry Maykol Pinto; António Paulo Moreira; Miguel Velhote Correia; Paulo José Costa
2011From human motion capture to biological motion visualization: a new methodologyE Soares; L Fontes; J A Santos; Miguel Velhote Correia; Sandra Silva Mouta; B Aragão
2012High dynamic range compressive imaging: a programmable imaging systemFilipe Tiago Magalhães; Mehrdad Abolbashari; Miguel Velhote Correia; Francisco Araújo; Faramarz Farahi
2012High-resolution hyperspectral single-pixel imaging system based on compressive sensingMehrdad Abolbashari; Filipe Tiago Magalhães; Miguel Velhote Correia; Francisco Araújo; Faramarz Farahi
2014An I2C Based Mixed-Signal Test and Measurement InfrastructureSalazar Escobar,AJS; José Machado da Silva; Miguel Velhote Correia