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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020BlockU: Extended usage control in and for BlockchainAli,T; Moreira,F; Fariz,M; Khan,Y; Gonçalves,R; José Luís Martins; Branco,F; 6516
2018Determinants of the adoption of augmented reality by tour operators in disadvantaged economic regionsPereira,AC; Au Yong Oliveira,M; Moreira,F; Teixeira,MS; Ramiro Gonçalves; Frederico Branco; José Luís Martins; 6516; 5754; 6499
2018Incorporating innovative ICT in child-oriented marketing - A retail sector case studyFrederico Branco; Moreira,F; Au Yong Oliveira,M; Fernandes,J; José Luís Martins; Teixeira,MS; Ramiro Gonçalves; 6516; 6499; 5754
2018Intelligent Mushroom Harvest Prediction System ProposalCosta,J; Au Yong Oliveira,M; Moreira,F; José Luís Martins; Frederico Branco; Rodriguez,MD; Gonzalez Castro,MRG; Perez Cota,M; 6516; 6499
2017Learning Analytics as a Core Component for Higher Education Disruption: Governance StakeholderMoreira,F; Ramiro Gonçalves; José Luís Martins; Frederico Branco; Yong Oliveira,MA
2018Main Factors in the Adoption of Digital Marketing in StartupsJosé Luís Martins; Jorge,F; Perez Cota,M; Ramiro Gonçalves; Moreira,F; Teixeira,S; Frederico Branco; Au Yong Oliveira,M; 6516; 6499; 5754
2019A proposal for an electronic negotiation platform for tourism in low-density regions: Characterizing a functional analysis and prototype for the douro valleyCardoso,L; Au Yong Oliveira,M; Moreira,F; Frederico Branco; Ramiro Gonçalves; José Luís Martins; 6516; 6499; 5754
2018Technology usage as a way to increase safety and security in different geographies: Testimonials on the use of technology in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilAu Yong Oliveira,M; Ramiro Gonçalves; Frederico Branco; José Luís Martins; Moreira,F; 5754; 6516; 6499
2015Waste identification diagramsDinis Carvalho,J; Moreira,F; Braganca,S; Eric Macieira Costa; Alves,A; Sousa,R