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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Application of Glass Reinforced Hydroxyapatite Composite in the Treatment of Human Intrabony Periodontal Angular Defects - Two Case ReportsM. A. Lopes; P. Krishnanjaneya Reddy; Nandyala Hussain; J. D. Santos; G. Pavan Kumar; A. Jaya Kumar
2009Assessment of the osteoblastic cell response to a zinc glass reinforced hydroxyapatite composite (Zn-GRHA)M. A. Lopes; P. S. Gomes; M. H. Fernandes; J. D. Santos; Nandyala Hussain
2012Biological Assessment of Lanthanides doepd Hydrxyapatite composites, International Conference on Design of Biomaterials (BIND 2012)- IISc., Bangalore, India, was held on December 9-11, 2012.Nandyala Hussain
2012Calcium phosphate ceramics in periodontal regeneration. For the e-book entitled 'Current Trends on Glass and Ceramics Materials'. Bentham Science Publishers, USA/UAE, (2012), Chapter 5, pp 115-141. eISBN:978-1-60805-452-7 ISBN: 978-1-60805-514-2.Nandyala Hussain; Pavan Kumar G
2012Current Trends on Glass and Ceramics MaterialsNandyala Hussain
2012Development and Characterization of Ag2O -doped ZnLB glasses and biological assessment of Ag2O ZnLB Hydroxyapatite, composites, Journal of American Ceramics,Nandyala Hussain; Joao Coelho
2012Development and characterization of lanthanides-doped hydroxyapatite composites for bone tissue application. e-book entitled 'Current Trends on Glass and Ceramics Materials, Bentham Sci. Pub., USA/UAE,(2012),Chapter 4, pp87-115.Nandyala Hussain; Joao Coelho
2012Effects of thickness and atmospheric annealing on structural, electrical and optical properties of GZO thin films by spray pyrolysisNandyala Hussain; Prasada Rao Talakonda
2010Lasing transition (4F3/2→4I11/2) at 1.06 μm in neodymium oxide doped lithium boro tellurite glassJoão Mesquita Coelho; Graham Hungerford; Nandyala Hussain; João Azevedo
2011Luminescence and decay trends for NIR transition (4I13/2 to 4Il5/2) at 1.5 um in Er3+-doped LBT glassesJoão Coelho; Nandyala Hussain; João Azevedo; Graham Hungerford
2010NIR Lasing transition (4F3/2 → 4I11/2) at 1.06 μm in Nd3+doped Tellurite GlassJoão Azevedo; Nandyala Hussain
2010NIR Luminescence and decay measurements of Er3+ doped Tellurite glasses for high gain amplificationJoão Azevedo; G. Hungerford; Nandyala Hussain
2010Special Topic Volume -Glass Science and its ApplicationsNandyala Hussain
2011Structural and time resolved emission spectra of Er3+: silver lead borate glass,Chemical Physics Letters, July 5,2011 AcceptedJoão Mesquita Coelho; Graham Hugerford; Nandyala Hussain
2011Volumetric Analysis of Intrabony defects in aggressive Periodontities patients following use of a novel composite alloplast - A Pilot Study, Quintessence International,42(5) (2011) 375-384.Nandyala Hussain; Pavan Kumar G;