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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Aggregation of Distributed Energy Resources Under the Concept of Multienergy Players in Local Energy SystemsYazdani Damavandi,M; Nilufar Neyestani; Chicco,G; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão
2014Allocation of PEVs' Parking Lots in Renewable-Based Distribution SystemNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão; Contreras,J
2015Allocation of Plug-In Vehicles' Parking Lots in Distribution Systems Considering Network-Constrained ObjectivesNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Shafie Khah,M; Contreras,J; João Catalão
2015Analyzing the Effect of Various PEV Owner's Charging Tariffs on PEV PL's Market EquilibriumNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; João Catalão
2017Assessing the Adaption of Stochastic Clearing Procedure to a Hydro-penetrated MarketNilufar Neyestani; Filipe Joel Soares; Alves,R; Reis,FS; Pastor,R
2017Assessing the adaption of stochastic clearing procedure to a hydro-penetrated marketNilufar Neyestani; Soares,FJ; Alves,R; Reis,FS; Pastor,R
2017Assessing the effectiveness of decision making frameworks in local energy systemsDamavandi,MY; Nilufar Neyestani; Shafie Khan,M; Chicco,G; João Catalão
2015Assessment of PEV Owners' Preferences Impact on PEV Parking Lot TransactionsNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; João Catalão
2014Comparison of Various Operational Statuses of PIEV Aggregators with Home-Charged EVs and Parking LotsNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão
2016Economic and technical aspects of plug-in electric vehicles in electricity marketsShafie Khah,M; Nilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Gil,FAS; João Catalão
2016Effect of Plug-in Electric Vehicles Traffic Behavior on Multi-Energy Demand's DependencyNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Mendes,TDP; João Catalão; Chicco,G
2017Effects of PEV Traffic Flows on the Operation of Parking Lots and Charging StationsNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Chicco,G; João Catalão; 6689; 6765
2016Integrating the PEVs' traffic pattern in parking lots and charging stations in micro multi-energy systemsNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Godina,R; João Catalão
2017Location of Parking Lots for Plug-in Electric Vehicles Considering Traffic Model and Market ParticipationAmarena,F; Chicco,G; Nilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; João Catalão
2014Modeling Energy Demand Dependency in Smart Multi-Energy SystemsNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão
2014Modeling the Carrier Dependencies on Demand-Side in a Smart Multi-Energy Local NetworkNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão; Chicco,G
2017Modeling the Cross Impact of Multi-Energy Player's Price Equilibrium in Retail and Wholesale MarketsDamavandi,MY; Nilufar Neyestani; Bahramara,S; Shafie khah,M; João Catalão