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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Empirical analysis of the Portuguese governments social networkNuno Miguel Moniz; Louca,F; Márcia Barbosa Oliveira; Renato Araújo Soeiro
2017Evaluation of Ensemble Methods in Imbalanced Regression TasksNuno Miguel Moniz; Paula Oliveira Branco; Luís Torgo
2017A Framework for Recommendation of Highly Popular News Lacking Social FeedbackNuno Miguel Moniz; Luís Torgo; Eirinaki,M; Paula Oliveira Branco
2017Learning with Imbalanced Domains: PrefaceLuís Torgo; Krawczyk,B; Paula Oliveira Branco; Nuno Miguel Moniz
2015Relational Data on Members of Portuguese Governments (1976–2014)Nuno Miguel Moniz; Campos,A
2015Representatives and dominants: Rulers and class relations in Portugal [Representantes e dominantes: Os governantes e as relações de classe em Portugal]Campos,A; Costa,J; Lopes,JT; Louçã,F; Nuno Miguel Moniz
2014Resampling Approaches to Improve News Importance PredictionNuno Miguel Moniz; Luís Torgo; Rodrigues,F
2016Resampling Strategies for Imbalanced Time SeriesNuno Miguel Moniz; Paula Oliveira Branco; Luís Torgo
2017Resampling strategies for imbalanced time series forecastingNuno Miguel Moniz; Paula Oliveira Branco; Luís Torgo
2015Socially Driven News RecommendationNuno Miguel Moniz; Luís Torgo
2016Threshold-Bounded Influence Dominating Sets for Recommendations in Social NetworksEirinaki,M; Nuno Miguel Moniz; Potika,K
2016Time-Based Ensembles for Prediction of Rare Events In News StreamsNuno Miguel Moniz; Luís Torgo; Eirinaki,M