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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Addressing trade-offs among fuel management scenarios through a dynamic and spatial integrated approach for enhanced decision-making in eucalyptus forestBotequim,B; Ager,A; Abilio Pereira Pacheco; Oliveira,T; João Claro; Fernandes,PM; Borges,JG
2013Analysis of object description methods in a video object tracking environmentPedro Miguel Carvalho; Oliveira,T; Lucian Ciobanu; Gaspar,F; Luís Filipe Teixeira; Bastos,R; Jaime Cardoso; Dias,MS; Luís Corte Real
2019Assessing the success behind the use of education management information systems in higher educationJosé Luís Martins; Cruz Jesus,F; Naranjo Zolotov,M; Oliveira,T; Au Yong Oliveira,M; Ramiro Gonçalves; Frederico Branco; 6516; 5754; 6499
2018Examining social capital and individual motivators to explain the adoption of online citizen participationOliveira,T; Branco,F; Gonçalves,R; Cruz-Jesus,F; Naranjo-Zolotov,M; José Luís Martins; Xavier,N; 6516
2013Forest fire management to avoid unintended consequences: A case study of Portugal using system dynamicsCollins,RD; de Neufville,R; João Claro; Oliveira,T; Abilio Pereira Pacheco
2018How smartphone advertising influences consumers' purchase intentionJosé Luís Martins; Costa,C; Oliveira,T; Ramiro Gonçalves; Frederico Branco
2017Jasmin: High-Assurance and High-Speed CryptographyJosé Bacelar Almeida; Manuel Barbosa; Barthe,G; Blot,A; Grégoire,B; Laporte,V; Oliveira,T; Hugo Pereira Pacheco; Schmidt,B; Strub,PY
2017A Practical Framework for Privacy-Preserving NoSQL DatabasesRicardo Gonçalves Macedo; João Tiago Paulo; Rogério António Pontes; Bernardo Luís Portela; Oliveira,T; Matos,M; Rui Carlos Oliveira
2014Rekindles or one-o quality in forest fire fighting: validating the pressure on firefighters and implications for forest fire management in PortugalAbilio Pereira Pacheco; João Claro; Oliveira,T
2018Satisfaction with e-participation: A model from the Citizen’s perspective, expectations, and affective ties to the placeJosé Luís Martins; Zolotov,MN; Cruz Jesus,F; Oliveira,T; 6516
2014Simulation analysis of the impact of ignitions, rekindles, and false alarms on forest fire suppressionAbilio Pereira Pacheco; João Claro; Oliveira,T
2016Understanding the determinants of social network sites adoption at firm level: A mixed methodology approachJosé Luís Martins; Ramiro Gonçalves; Oliveira,T; Cota,M; Frederico Branco
2014Waste in non-value-added suppression activities: simulation analysis of the impact of rekindles and false alarms on the forest fire suppression systemAbilio Pereira Pacheco; João Claro; Oliveira,T