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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Automated theorem proving for the systematic analysis of an infusion pumpMichael Douglas Harrison; Paolo Masci; José Creissac Campos; Curzon,P
2015The benefits of formalising design guidelines: a case study on the predictability of drug infusion pumpsPaolo Masci; Ruksenas,Rimvydas; Oladimeji,Patrick; Cauchi,Abigail; Gimblett,Andy; Li,KarenYunqiu; Curzon,Paul; Thimbleby,HaroldW.
2017Co-simulation of Semi-autonomous Systems: The Line Follower Robot Case StudyPalmieri,M; Bernardeschi,C; Paolo Masci
2014Demonstrating that Medical Devices Satisfy User Related Safety RequirementsHarrison,MD; Paolo Masci; José Creissac Campos; Curzon,P
2015Early identification of software causes of use-related hazards in medical devicesCurzon,P; Thimbleby,H; Paolo Masci
2016Evaluation of Formal IDEs for Human-Machine Interface Design and Analysis: The Case of CIRCUS and PVSio-webFayollas,Camille; Martinie,Celia; Palanque,PhilippeA.; Paolo Masci; Michael Douglas Harrison; José Creissac Campos; Silva,SauloRodriguese
2015Exploring medical device design and use through layers of Distributed Cognition: How a glucometer is coupled with its contextFurniss,Dominic; Paolo Masci; Curzon,Paul; Mayer,Astrid; Blandford,Ann
2018Formal Modelling as a Component of User Centred DesignPaolo Masci; Harrison,MD; José Creissac Campos; 6577; 5599
2019Formal techniques in the safety analysis of software components of a new dialysis machineHarrison,MD; Whitaker,M; di Maria,C; Paolo Masci; José Creissac Campos; Drinnan,M; Freitas,L; 6577; 5599
2017A Hazard Analysis Method for Systematic Identification of Safety Requirements for User Interface Software in Medical DevicesPaolo Masci; Zhang,Y; Jones,PL; José Creissac Campos
2016Issues in number entry user interface styles: Recommendations for mitigationThimbleby,Harold; Oladimeji,Patrick; Paolo Masci; Curzon,Paul
2016IWC Special Issue in Human Factors and Interaction Design for Critical SystemsTu,H; Paolo Masci; Vincent,C; Li,KY; Thimbleby,H
2018Modeling and Analysis of Human Memory Load in Multitasking Scenarios: Late-Breaking ResultsPaolo Masci; Broccia,G; Milazzo,P; 6577
2018Modeling and Analysis of Human Memory Load in Multitasking Scenarios: Late-Breaking ResultsBroccia,G; Paolo Masci; Milazzo,P; 6577
2016Modeling Communication Network Requirements for an Integrated Clinical Environment in the Prototype Verification SystemBernardeschi,C; Domenici,A; Paolo Masci
2015Proceedings Second International Workshop on Formal Integrated Development Environment, F-IDE 2015, Oslo, Norway, June 22, 2015Dubois,C; Paolo Masci; Méry,D
2017A PVS-Simulink Integrated Environment for Model-Based Analysis of Cyber-Physical SystemsBernardeschi,C; Domenici,A; Paolo Masci
2015PVSio-web 2.0: Joining PVS to HCIPaolo Masci; Oladimeji,Patrick; Zhang,Yi; Jones,PaulL.; Curzon,Paul; Thimbleby,HaroldW.
2016PVSio-web: mathematically based tool support for the design of interactive and interoperable medical systemsPaolo Masci; Oladimeji,Patrick; Mallozzi,Piergiuseppe; Curzon,Paul; Thimbleby,Harold
2015Reusing models and properties in the analysis of similar interactive devicesHarrison,MichaelD.; José Creissac Campos; Paolo Masci