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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004The ASSET Architecture - Integrating Media Applications and Products through a Unified APIPaula Viana; Mário Cordeiro; José Ruela
2017A collaborative approach for semantic time-based video annotation using gamificationPaula Viana; José Pedro Pinto
2016Guest Editorial: Immersive Media ExperiencesPaula Viana; Chambel,T; Bove,VM; Strover,S; Thomas,G
2017A Hybrid Approach for Personalized News Recommendation in a Mobility Scenario Using Long-Short User InterestPaula Viana; Márcio Micael Soares
2016A hybrid recommendation system for news in a mobile environmentPaula Viana; Márcio Micael Soares
2013Immersive media experiences (immersiveme 2013 workshop at ACM multimedia)Chambel,T; Bove,VM; Strover,S; Paula Viana; Thomas,G
2014ImmersiveMe'14:2nd ACM International Workshop on Immersive Media ExperiencesChambel,T; Paula Viana; Bove,VM; Strover,S; Thomas,G
2012ImTV: Towards an Immersive TV experienceMaria Teresa Andrade; João Magalhães; Sharon Strover; Teresa Chambel; Paula Viana; Flávio Martins; Luis Francisco Revilla
2008An Intelligent TV Anytime Based Video on Demand SystemP. Assis; Paula Viana; L. Silva
2003MXF Supporting the Integration of Media Applications and Broadcasting ProductsJosé Ruela; Vítor Rodrigues; Mário Cordeiro; Paula Viana
2010A Semantic Management Model to enable the integrated management of media and devicesArtur Pimenta Alves; Paula Viana
2017The semantics of movie metadata: Enhancing user profiling for hybrid recommendationMárcio Micael Soares; Paula Viana
2013TAG4VD - A game for collaborative video annotationJosé Pedro Pinto; Paula Viana
2015Tuning metadata for better movie content-based recommendation systemsMárcio Micael Soares; Paula Viana
2012TV Recommendation and Personalization Systems: integrating broadcast and video on-demand servicesPaula Viana; Márcio Micael Soares
2014TV Recommendation and Personalization Systems: Integrating Broadcast and Video On-demand ServicesMárcio Micael Soares; Paula Viana
2003A Unified Solution for the Integration of Media Applications and Products in Broadcaster Environments - The ASSET ArchitecturePaula Viana; Vítor Rodrigues; Mário Cordeiro
2015Using the Crowd to Boost Video Annotation Processes: a game based approachJosé Pedro Pinto; Paula Viana