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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Applications of quantum dots in optical fiber luminescent oxygen sensorsPedro Jorge; Faramarz Farahi; José Luís Santos; Paulo Caldas; M. Mayeh; R. Benrashid
2016Arc-Induced Long-Period Fiber Gratings in the Dispersion Turning PointsColaco,C; Paulo Caldas; Del Villar,I; Chibante,R; Gaspar Rego
2011Characterization of Optical Fiber Long Period Grating Refractometer coated with a NanolayerPaulo Caldas; Eliana Simões; Orlando Frazão; joão L. Pinto; Ilda Abe; João Oliveira
2010Characterization of the response of a dual resonance of an arc-induced long-period grating to various physical parametersPaulo Caldas; José Luís Santos; Gaspar Rego; O. V. Ivanov
2011Combined Neodymium-Ytterbium-Doped ASE Fiber-Optic Source for Optical Coherence Tomography ApplicationsA G Podoleanu; M O Berendt; José A R Salcedo; A B L Ribeiro; I Trifanov; Paulo Caldas; L. Neagu
2015Cryogenic Temperature Response of Reflection-Based Phase-Shifted Long-Period Fiber GratingsMartins,R; Paulo Caldas; Teixeira,B; Azevedo,J; Monteiro,J; Belo,JH; Araujo,JP; José Luís Santos; Gaspar Rego
2009Fabry-Perot refractometer based on an end-of-fiber polymer tipD. J. Lougnot; Paulo Vicente Marques; T. Turck; Olivier Soppera; Orlando Frazão; Paulo Caldas
2008Fiber Modal Michelson Interferometers with Coherence Addressing and Heterodyne InterrogationGaspar Rego; Pedro Jorge; Paulo Caldas; Manuel Joaquim Marques; José Luís Santos; Francisco Araújo
2011Fiber Optic Sensing by Evanescent Field InteractionPaulo Caldas
2012Fiber Optic-Based Refractive Index Sensing at INESC PortoJosé Luís Santos; Gaspar Rego; Orlando Frazão; José Manuel Baptista; Pedro Jorge; Susana Oliveira Silva; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; Paula Alexandra Tafulo; Luís Carlos Coelho; Paulo Caldas; Diana Viegas
2011Fibre Optic Hot-Wire Flowmeter Based on a Metallic Coated Hybrid LPG-FBG StructureFrancisco Araújo; Gaspar Rego; Orlando Frazão; José Luís Santos; Luís Alberto Ferreira; Paulo Caldas; Pedro Jorge
2009Geometrical effects on the refractive index sensitivity of Mach-Zehnder fibre modal interferometers based on long-period gratingsGaspar Rego; Francisco Araújo; Luís Alberto Ferreira; José Luís Santos; Paulo Caldas; Pedro Jorge
2011Investigation of the long-term stability of arc-induced gratings heat treated at high temperaturesGaspar Rego; José Luís Santos; Paulo Caldas; Oleg Ivanov
2007Modal Interferometer based on a single non-adiabatic fiber taperPaulo Caldas; Luís Alberto Ferreira; Francisco Araújo; Orlando Frazão; José Luís Santos
2009Modal Interferometer Based on ARROW Fiber for Strain and Temperature MeasurementT. Her; T. Hawkins; J. Ballato; F. Farahi; S.H. Aref; Orlando Frazão; Paulo Caldas; Luís Alberto Ferreira; Francisco Araújo; José Luís Santos; H. Latifi ; P. Foy
2009Modal Interferometer Based on ARROW Fiber for Strain and Temperature MeasurementPaulo Caldas; P. Foy; T. Hawkins; J. Ballato; T. Her; F. Farahi; S. H. Aref; Orlando Frazão; Francisco Araújo; José Luís Santos; Luís Alberto Ferreira; H. Latifi
2009Modal interferometer based on hollow-core photonic crystal fiber for strain and temperature measurementJ. C. Knight; Francisco Araújo; F. Farahi; Luís Alberto Ferreira; S. H. Aref; R. Amezcua-Correa; Joel Pedro Carvalho; Orlando Frazão; Paulo Caldas; José Luís Santos
2010Monitoring the quality of frying oils using a nanolayer coated optical fiber refractometerI Abe; Paulo Caldas; Orlando Frazão; J Oliveira; E Simões
2007Novel Fibre Optic Based Structures for Sensing ApplicationsOrlando Frazão; Francisco Araújo; Paulo Caldas; Gaspar Rego; José Luís Santos; Luís Alberto Ferreira
2004Optical fiber probes for fluorescence based oxygen sensingCarla Carmelo Rosa; José Luís Santos; Pedro Jorge; Paulo Caldas; Abel Oliva