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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Classifying heart sounds using multiresolution time series motifs: An exploratory studyElsa Ferreira Gomes; Alípio Jorge; Paulo Jorge Azevedo
2014Classifying heart sounds using SAX motifs, random forests and text mining techniquesElsa Ferreira Gomes; Alípio Jorge; Paulo Jorge Azevedo
2018Discovering a taste for the unusual: exceptional models for preference miningde Sa,CR; Knobbe,A; Carlos Manuel Soares; Alípio Jorge; Paulo Jorge Azevedo; Duivesteijn,W; 4981; 5606; 5001
2010Ensembles of jittered association rule classifiersPaulo Jorge Azevedo; Alípio Jorge
2012Finding interesting contexts for explaining deviations in bus trip durationPaulo Jorge Azevedo; Catarina Maia; Paulo Moura Oliveira; Alípio Jorge; João Mendes Moreira
2013Multi-interval Discretization of Continuous Attributes for Label RankingCláudio Rebelo Sá; Carlos Manuel Soares; Knobbe,A; Paulo Jorge Azevedo; Alípio Jorge
2012Optimal leverage association rules with numerical interval conditionsAlípio Jorge; Paulo Jorge Azevedo
2017Preference Rules for Label Ranking: Mining Patterns in Multi-Target RelationsCláudio Rebelo Sá; Paulo Jorge Azevedo; Carlos Manuel Soares; Alípio Jorge; Knobbe,A
2020Sequence Mining for Automatic Generation of Software Tests from GUI Event TracesFreitas,R; Paulo Jorge Azevedo; Ana Cristina Paiva; Moniz,N; Amorim,V; Oliveira,A; Alípio Jorge; 6073; 4981; 5606
2012Significant Motifs in Time SeriesNuno Constantino Castro; Paulo Jorge Azevedo
2011Time Series Motifs Statistical Signi cancePaulo Jorge Azevedo; Nuno Constantino Castro