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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Collaborative Welding System using BIM for Robotic Reprogramming and Spatial Augmented RealityCarlos Miguel Costa; Luís Freitas Rocha; Malaca,P; Pedro Gomes Costa; António Paulo Moreira; Tavares,P; Armando Sousa; Germano Veiga; 6164; 5152; 5157; 5159; 5364; 5674
2017Dynamic Collision Avoidance System for a Manipulator Based on RGB-D DataBrito,T; Lima,J; Pedro Gomes Costa; Piardi,L
2018Flexible work cell simulator using digital twin methodology for highly complex systems in industry 4.0Tavares,P; Silva,JA; Pedro Gomes Costa; Veiga,G; Moreira,AP
2010HUMANOID LOW-LEVEL CONTROLLER DEVELOPMENT BASED ON A REALISTIC SIMULATIONJosé Lima; António Paulo Moreira; José Alexandre Gonçalves; Pedro Gomes Costa
2018The K-framed quadtrees approach for path planning through a known environmentAna Rita Rodrigues; Pedro Gomes Costa; Lima,J
2016Localization and Navigation of an Omnidirectional Mobile Robot: The Robot@Factory Case StudyPaulo José Costa; Moreira,N; Campos,D; José Alexandre Gonçalves; José Lima; Pedro Gomes Costa
2016Multiple manipulators path planning using double ATavares,P; José Lima; Pedro Gomes Costa; António Paulo Moreira
2017Offline Programming of Collision Free Trajectories for Palletizing RobotsSilva,R; Luís Freitas Rocha; Relvas,P; Pedro Gomes Costa; Manuel Santos Silva
2011Planeamento Cooperativo de Tarefas e Trajectórias em Múltiplos RobôsPedro Gomes Costa
2017Poses Optimisation Methodology for High Redundancy Robotic SystemsTavares,P; Pedro Gomes Costa; Veiga,G; Moreira,AP
2013A set of novel modifications to improve algorithms from the A* family applied in mobile roboticsdo Nascimento,TP; Pedro Gomes Costa; Paulo José Costa; António Paulo Moreira; Conceicao,AGS
2016The SPIDERobot: A Cable-Robot System for On-site Construction in ArchitectureSousa,JP; Palop,CG; Moreira,E; Andry Maykol Pinto; Lima,J; Costa,P; Pedro Gomes Costa; Germano Veiga; Paulo Moreira,A