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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Case for Dynamically Programmable Storage Background TasksFaria,A; Ricardo Gonçalves Macedo; Paulo,J; Pereira,J; 6941
2015Classification of reticular pattern and streaks in dermoscopic images based on texture analysisMarlene Silva Machado; Pereira,J; Fonseca Pinto,R
2020Experiences on Teaching Alloy with an Automated Assessment PlatformAlcino Cunha; Carvalho,R; Pereira,J; Macedo,N; Silva,DC; Ramalho,MS; Paiva,ACR; Silva,R; 5612
2017Finding a signature in dermoscopy: A color normalization proposalMarlene Silva Machado; Pereira,J; Silva,M; Fonseca Pinto,R
2020Minha: Large-scale distributed systems testing made practicalMachado,N; Pereira,J; Fábio André Coelho; Neves,F; Maia,F; 6059
2019Recovery in CloudDBAppliance’s High-availability MiddlewareFerreira,L; Pereira,J; Abreu,H; Alonso,AN; Fábio André Coelho; 6059
2016Reticular pattern detection in dermoscopy: An approach using curvelet transformMarlene Silva Machado; Pereira,J; Fonseca Pinto,R
2020Self-tunable DBMS Replication with Reinforcement LearningFábio André Coelho; Ferreira,L; Pereira,J; 6059
2020A Survey and Classification of Software-Defined Storage SystemsPaulo,J; Ricardo Gonçalves Macedo; Pereira,J; Bessani,A; 6941
2017Transportation in Social Media: An Automatic Classifier for Travel-Related TweetsPereira,J; Arian Rodrigo Pasquali; Saleiro,P; Rossetti,R
2019TrustFS: An SGX-Enabled Stackable File System FrameworkRicardo Gonçalves Macedo; Harnik,D; Pereira,J; Paulo,J; Portela,B; Tânia Conceição Araújo; Alberto Campinho Faria; 7401; 6941; 7204