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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20176th Symposium on Languages, Applications and Technologies, SLATE 2017, June 26-27, 2017, Vila do Conde, PortugalRicardo Queirós; Pinto,M; Simões,A; José Paulo Leal; Varanda Pereira,MJ
2017Cubic spline regression based enhancement of side-scan sonar imageryAl-Rawi,M; Adrian Galdran; Isasi,A; Elmgren,F; Carbonara,G; Falotico,E; Real-Arce,DA; Rodriguez,J; Bastos,J; Pinto,M
2017An efficient non-uniformity correction technique for side-scan sonar imageryAdrian Galdran; Isasi,A; Al-Rawi,M; Rodriguez,J; Bastos,J; Elmgren,F; Pinto,M
2013Fast 3D Map Matching Localisation AlgorithmPinto,M; António Paulo Moreira; Aníbal Matos; Héber Miguel Sobreira; Filipe Neves Santos
2017Impact of different display devices and types of virtual environments on emotions and feeling of presenceMaximino Bessa; Coelho,H; Miguel Correia Melo; Pinto,M
2016Intensity Normalization of Sidescan Sonar ImageryAl Rawi,MS; Adrian Galdran; Yuan,X; Eckert,M; Martinez,JF; Elmgren,F; Curuklu,B; Rodriguez,J; Bastos,J; Pinto,M
2017Mitigation in the Very Short-term of Risk from Wind Ramps with Unforeseen SeverityPinto,M; Vladimiro Miranda; Saavedra,O; Leonel Magalhães Carvalho; Jean Sumaili
2017A More Intelligent Test Case Generation Approach through Task Models ManipulationJosé Creissac Campos; Fayollas,C; Gonçalves,M; Martinie,C; Navarre,D; Palanque,PA; Pinto,M
2017Multisensory virtual environment for firefighter training simulation: Study of the impact of haptic feedback on task executionLuis Barbosa; Pedro Ermida Monteiro; Pinto,M; Coelho,H; Miguel Correia Melo; Maximino Bessa
2013Self-localisation of indoor mobile robots using multi-hypotheses and a matching algorithmPinto,M; Héber Miguel Sobreira; António Paulo Moreira; Hélio Mendonça; Aníbal Matos
2016Systematic automation of scenario-based testing of user interfacesJosé Creissac Campos; Fayollas,C; Martinie,C; Navarre,D; Palanque,PA; Pinto,M
2017TOM: A Model-Based GUI Testing FrameworkPinto,M; Gonçalves,M; Paolo Masci; José Creissac Campos
2013Using Device Detection Techniques in M-Learning ScenariosRicardo Queirós; Pinto,M