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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20132nd Symposium on Languages, Applications and Technologies, SLATE 2013, June 20-21, 2013 - Porto, PortugalJosé Paulo Leal; Ricardo Rocha; Simões,A
2015Batched Evaluation of Full-Sharing Multithreaded TablingMiguel Gonçalves Areias; Ricardo Rocha
2013Batched Evaluation of Linear Tabled Logic ProgramsMiguel Gonçalves Areias; Ricardo Rocha
2016Declarative Coordination of Graph-based Parallel ProgramsFlávio Fernandes Cruz; Ricardo Rocha; Goldstein,SC
2014Declarative Programming and Knowledge Management - Declarative Programming Days, KDPD 2013, Unifying INAP, WFLP, and WLP, Kiel, Germany, September 11-13, 2013, Revised Selected PapersHanus,M; Ricardo Rocha
2014Design and Implementation of a Multithreaded Virtual Machine for Executing Linear Logic ProgramsFlávio Fernandes Cruz; Ricardo Rocha; Goldstein,SC
2011Efficient instance retrieval of subgoals for subsumptive tabled evaluation of logic programsFlávio Fernandes Cruz; Ricardo Rocha
2013Efficient Support for Mode-Directed Tabling in the YapTab Tabling SystemJoão Pedro Santos; Ricardo Rocha
2017Estimation-based search space traversal in PILP environmentsCôrte Real,J; Inês Dutra; Ricardo Rocha
2016Estimation-Based Search Space Traversal in PILP EnvironmentsJoana Côrte-Real; Inês Dutra; Ricardo Rocha
2015A hybrid mapreduce model for prologJoana Côrte-Real; Inês Dutra; Ricardo Rocha
2017Introduction to the 33rd international conference on logic programming special issueRicardo Rocha; Son,TC
2014A Linear Logic Programming Language for Concurrent Programming over Graph StructuresFlávio Fernandes Cruz; Ricardo Rocha; Goldstein,SC; Pfenning,F
2016A Lock-Free Hash Trie Design for Concurrent Tabled Logic ProgramsMiguel Gonçalves Areias; Ricardo Rocha
2011On Combining Linear-Based Strategies for Tabled Evaluation of Logic ProgramsMiguel Gonçalves Areias; Ricardo Rocha
2013On Comparing Alternative Splitting Strategies for Or-Parallel Prolog Execution on MulticoresVieira,Rui; Ricardo Rocha; Fernando Silva
2015On Compiling Linear Logic Programs with Comprehensions, Aggregates and Rule PrioritiesCruz,F; Ricardo Rocha
2017On scaling dynamic programming problems with a multithreaded tabling, Prolog systemMiguel Gonçalves Areias; Ricardo Rocha
2014On the correctness and efficiency of lock-free expandable tries for tabled logic programsMiguel Gonçalves Areias; Ricardo Rocha