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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Consideration of the Impacts of a Smart Neighborhood Load on Transformer AgingPaterakis,NG; Pappi,IN; Erdinc,O; Godina,R; Rodrigues,EMG; João Catalão
2016A control strategy for the stable operation of shunt active power filters in power gridsMehrasa,M; Pouresmaeil,E; Zabihi,S; Rodrigues,EMG; João Catalão
2017Domestic appliances energy optimization with model predictive controlRodrigues,EMG; Godina,R; Pouresmaeil,E; Ferreira,JR; João Catalão
2017Experimental low cost reflective type oximeter for wearable health systemsRodrigues,EMG; Godina,R; Cabrita,CMP; João Catalão
2017Experimental Results on a Wireless Wattmeter Device for the Integration in Home Energy Management SystemsRodrigues,EMG; Godina,R; Shafie khah,M; João Catalão
2016Grid code reinforcements for deeper renewable generation in insular energy systemsRodrigues,EMG; Osorio,GJ; Godina,R; Bizuayehu,AW; Lujano Rojas,JM; João Catalão
2016Innovative impact assessment of electric vehicles charging loads on distribution transformers using real dataGodina,R; Rodrigues,EMG; Paterakis,NG; Erdinc,O; João Catalão
2017Modelling electrochemical energy storage devices in insular power network applications supported on real dataRodrigues,EMG; Godina,R; João Catalão
2016Operating conditions of lead-acid batteries in the optimization of hybrid energy systems and microgridsLujano Rojas,JM; Dufo Lopez,R; Atencio Guerra,JL; Rodrigues,EMG; Bernal Agustin,JL; João Catalão
2016Smart electric vehicle charging scheduler for overloading prevention of an industry client power distribution transformerGodina,R; Rodrigues,EMG; Matias,JCO; João Catalão