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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An agent-based approach to schedule crane operations in rail-rail transshipment terminalsSam Heshmati; Kokkinogenis,Z; Rossetti,RJF; Maria Antónia Carravilla; José Fernando Oliveira
2016An Agent-based Model of the Earth System & Climate ChangeYassine Baghoussi; Pedro Campos; Rossetti,RJF
2015An agent-based simulation approach to the circular open dimension problemRibeiro,JP; Rossetti,RJF; José Fernando Oliveira
2014Analysing Collaborative Filtering algorithms in a multi-agent environmentTiago Sá Cunha; Rossetti,RJF; Soares,C
2014Automatic simulation calibration: An evaluation of search-based metaheuristics applied to IEC 61131-3 based automation in the power systems domainSilva,C; Rossetti,RJF; Jorge Correia Pereira
2013Electricity market and renewable energy integration: An agent-based conceptual modelSousa,JC; Kokkinogenis,Z; Rossetti,RJF; João Tomé Saraiva
2015An Integrated Framework for Mobile-Based ADAS SimulationGoncalves,JSV; João Tiago Jacob; Rossetti,RJF; António Coelho; Rui Pedro Rodrigues
2014Route planning for electric buses: a case study in OportoPerrotta,D; Macedo,JL; Rossetti,RJF; Jorge Freire Sousa; Kokkinogenis,Z; Ribeiro,B; Afonso,JL
2013Ship damage control action simulation using HLAMartins,PT; Rossetti,RJF; António Carvalho Brito
2015Short-term real-time traffic prediction methods: a surveyBarros,J; Miguel Ramos Araújo; Rossetti,RJF
2014Simulation of the ensemble generation process: The divergence between data and model similarityPinto,F; João Mendes Moreira; Carlos Manuel Soares; Rossetti,RJF
2014Testing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems with a Serious-Game-Based Human Factors Analysis SuiteGoncalves,JSV; Rossetti,RJF; João Tiago Jacob; Goncalves,J; Olaverri Monreal,C; António Coelho; Rui Pedro Rodrigues
2016Towards the Integration of Electric Buses in Conventional Bus FleetsSantos,D; Kokkinogenis,Z; Jorge Freire Sousa; Perrotta,D; Rossetti,RJF