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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Aggregation of Distributed Energy Resources Under the Concept of Multienergy Players in Local Energy SystemsYazdani Damavandi,M; Nilufar Neyestani; Chicco,G; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão
2014Allocation of PEVs' Parking Lots in Renewable-Based Distribution SystemNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão; Contreras,J
2015Allocation of Plug-In Vehicles' Parking Lots in Distribution Systems Considering Network-Constrained ObjectivesNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Shafie Khah,M; Contreras,J; João Catalão
2014Comparison of Various Operational Statuses of PIEV Aggregators with Home-Charged EVs and Parking LotsNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão
2017Dynamic Price Vector Formation Model-Based Automatic Demand Response Strategy for PV-Assisted EV Charging StationsChen,QF; Wang,F; Hodge,BM; Zhang,JH; Li,ZG; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão
2016Economic and technical aspects of plug-in electric vehicles in electricity marketsShafie Khah,M; Nilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Gil,FAS; João Catalão
2017Impacts of Operational Variability and Uncertainty on Distributed Generation Investment Planning: A Comprehensive Sensitivity AnalysisSantos,SF; Fitiwi,DZ; Bizuayehu,AW; Shafie Khah,M; Asensio,M; Contreras,J; Cabrita,CMP; João Catalão
2014Modeling Energy Demand Dependency in Smart Multi-Energy SystemsNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão
2014Modeling the Carrier Dependencies on Demand-Side in a Smart Multi-Energy Local NetworkNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão; Chicco,G
2014Modeling the Optimal Behavior of PEV Parking Lots in Energy and Reserve MarketNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão; Contreras,J
2017Modified Chaos Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Optimized Operation Model for Stand-Alone CCHP MicrogridWang,F; Zhou,LD; Wang,B; Wang,Z; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão
2017New Metrics for Evaluating Technical Benefits and Risks of DGs Increasing PenetrationAkbari,MA; Aghaei,J; Barani,M; Savaghebi,M; Shafie Khah,M; Guerrero,JM; João Catalão
2017New Multistage and Stochastic Mathematical Model for Maximizing RES Hosting Capacity-Part I: Problem FormulationSantos,SF; Fitiwi,DZ; Shafie Khah,M; Bizuayehu,AW; Cabrita,CMP; João Catalão
2017A novel stochastic reserve cost allocation approach of electricity market agents in the restructured power systemsShokri Gazafroudi,AS; Shafie Khah,M; Abedi,M; Hosseinian,SH; Dehkordi,GHR; Goel,L; Karimyan,P; Prieto Castrillo,F; Manuel Corchado,JM; João Catalão
2016Oligopolistic Behavior of Wind Power Producer in Electricity Markets including Demand Response ResourcesShafie Khah,M; Shoreh,MH; Siano,P; Nilufar Neyestani; Yazdani Damavandi,M; João Catalão
2017Plug-In Electric Vehicles Parking Lot Equilibria With Energy and Reserve MarketsNilufar Neyestani; Damavandi,MY; Shafie Khah,M; Bakirtzis,AG; João Catalão
2017Reliability Optimization of Automated Distribution Networks With Probability Customer Interruption Cost Model in the Presence of DG UnitsHeidari,A; Agelidis,VG; Kia,M; Pou,J; Aghaei,J; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão
2017Risk-based bi-level model for simultaneous profit maximization of a smart distribution company and electric vehicle parking lot ownerSadati,SMB; Moshtagh,J; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão
2016Risk-Constrained Offering Strategy for Aggregated Hybrid Power Plant Including Wind Power Producer and Demand Response ProviderAghaei,J; Barani,M; Shafie Khah,M; Sanchez de la Nieta,AAS; João Catalão
2015Stochastic Modeling of Multienergy Carriers Dependencies in Smart Local Networks With Distributed Energy ResourcesNilufar Neyestani; Yazdani Damavandi,M; Shafie Khah,M; Chicco,G; João Catalão