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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017ADMS4LV – advanced distribution management system for active management of LV gridsCampos,F; Marques,L; Silva,N; Melo,F; Seca,L; Gouveia,C; André Guimarães Madureira; Jorge Correia Pereira
2017A cost-effective instrumented walkway for measuring ground reaction forces in rats to assess gait patternSilva,N; Joaquim João Sousa; Emanuel Peres Correia; António Ribeiro Sousa; Ruiz Armenteros,AM; Varejao,A; Raul Morais
2014Development of a novel management system for Electric Vehicle chargingJosé Pedro Iria; Filipe Joel Soares; Franchin,IG; Silva,N
2020Forestry Remote Sensing from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: A Review Focusing on the Data, Processing and PotentialitiesLuís Filipe Pádua; Emanuel Peres Correia; Silva,N; Marques,P; Guimaraes,N; Sousa,JJ; 7802; 5653
2016LV SCADA project: In-field validation of a distribution state estimation tool for LV networksPedro Pereira Barbeiro; Jorge Correia Pereira; Henrique Silva Teixeira; Seca,L; Silva,P; Silva,N; Melo,F
2014Model-Driven Generation of Multi-user and Multi-domain Choreographies for Staging in Multiple Virtual World PlatformsSilva,E; Silva,N; Leonel Morgado
2019mySense: A comprehensive data management environment to improve precision agriculture practicesTelmo Oliveira Adão; Emanuel Peres Correia; Sousa,JJ; Pavon Pulido,N; Lopez Riquelme,J; Padua,L; Morais,R; Silva,N; Mendes,J; 5653; 5490
2015Optimizing PV Self-Consumption through Electric Water Heater Modeling and SchedulingHeleno,M; David Emanuel Rua; Clara Sofia Gouveia; André Guimarães Madureira; Manuel Matos; João Peças Lopes; Silva,N; Salustio,S
2014Staging choreographies for team training in multiple virtual worlds based on ontologies and alignmentsSilva,E; Silva,N; Leonel Morgado
2017Streaming sensor data from dynamically reprogrammable tasks running on mobile devicesSilva,N; Eduardo Brandão Marques; Luís Lopes
2016Voltage control demonstration for LV networks with controllable der - The SuSTAINABLE project approachHélder Magalhães Costa; Luís Miguel Miranda; Ramos,J; Seca,L; André Guimarães Madureira; Lemos,D; Santana,R; Louro,M; Matos,PG; Rosa,L; Silva,N