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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Digital Reconstitution of Road Traffic Accidents: A Flexible Methodology Relying on UAV Surveying and Complementary Strategies to Support Multiple ScenariosLuís Filipe Pádua; Sousa,JJ; António Ribeiro Sousa; Emanuel Peres Correia; Telmo Oliveira Adão; Hruska,J; Vanko,J; Sousa,J; 7802; 5490; 5653; 5844
2020A full-stack model proposal to willingly implement E-learning at small universities: The University of Trás-Os-Montes E Alto Douro caseVaz,C; Emanuel Peres Correia; Sousa,J; Reis,MJCS; 5653
2021An Initial Analysis of the Shortcomings of Conventional AI and the Benefits of Distributed AI Approaches in Industrial Use CasesSousa,J; Sultanoglu,S; Bulut,B; Almeida,L; Ricardo Morla; Santos,PM; Ferreira,J; Silva,C; Serra,J; Tagaio,J; Martins,N; Hristoskova,A; Deleito,NG; Klein,S; 3645
2019Mapping seaweed beds using multispectral imagery retrieved by unmanned aerial vehiclesAzevedo,I; Adão,T; Pádua,L; Borges,D; Gonçalves,J; Sousa Pinto,I; Sousa,J; Emanuel Peres Correia; 5653
2017Multi-Temporal Analysis of Forestry and Coastal Environments Using UASsPádua,L; Sousa,A; Hruška,J; Martins,L; Gonçalves,J; Sousa,J; Castro,J; Bessa,J; Adão,T; Emanuel Peres Correia
2018Multi-Temporal Vineyard Monitoring through UAV-Based RGB ImageryMarques,P; Pádua,L; Morais,R; Hruška,J; Sousa,J; Telmo Oliveira Adão; Emanuel Peres Correia; 5490; 5653
2021Towards a Distributed Learning Architecture for Securing ISP Home CustomersSousa,J; Almeida,L; Ferreira,J; Ferreira,LL; Souto,PF; Sousa,M; Silva,C; Serra,J; Tagaio,J; Martins,N; Ricardo Morla; Santos,PM; 3645