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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Analysis of the effectiveness of the NEC Directive on the tropospheric ozone levels in PortugalBarros,N; Tânia Daniela Fontes; Silva,MP; Manso,MC; Carvalho,AC
2016Application of collaborative information exchange in urban public transport: the Seamless Mobility solutionCosta,PM; Tânia Daniela Fontes; Nunes,AA; Marta Campos Ferreira; Vera Lúcia Costa; Teresa Galvão; José Luís Borges; João Falcão Cunha
2015Assessment of Corridors with Different Types of Intersections Environmental and Traffic Performance AnalysisFernandes,P; Tânia Daniela Fontes; Neves,M; Pereira,SR; Bandeira,JM; Rouphail,NM; Coelho,MC
2015Assessment of the effectiveness of fuel and toll pricing policies in motorway emissions: An ex-post analysisTânia Daniela Fontes; Pereira,SR; Bandeira,JM; Coelho,MC
2016Empirical assessment of route choice impact on emissions over different road types, traffic demands, and driving scenariosBandeira,JM; Carvalho,DO; Khattak,AJ; Rouphail,NM; Tânia Daniela Fontes; Fernandes,P; Pereira,SR; Coelho,MC
2017Evaluation of an integrated mobile payment, route planner and social network solution for public transportMarta Campos Ferreira; Tânia Daniela Fontes; Vera Lúcia Costa; Teresa Galvão; José Luís Borges; João Falcão Cunha
2015How to combine different microsimulation tools to assess the environmental impacts of road traffic? Lessons and directionsTânia Daniela Fontes; Pereira,SR; Fernandes,P; Bandeira,JM; Coelho,MC
2015How to predict journey destination for supporting contextual intelligent information services?Vera Lúcia Costa; Tânia Daniela Fontes; Costa,PM; Teresa Galvão
2016Integrated indicator to evaluate vehicle performance across: Safety, fuel efficiency and green domainsTorrao,G; Tânia Daniela Fontes; Coelho,M; Rouphail,N
2017Mobile payments adoption in public transportTânia Daniela Fontes; Vera Lúcia Costa; Marta Campos Ferreira; Li,SX; Zhao,PJ; Teresa Galvão
2017A Multi-User Integrated Platform for Supporting the Design and Management of Urban Mobility SystemsTânia Daniela Fontes; Correia,J; De Sousa,JP; Jorge Freire Sousa; Teresa Galvão
2015Multicriteria Assessment of Crosswalk Location in Urban Roundabout CorridorsFernandes,P; Tânia Daniela Fontes; Pereira,SR; Rouphail,NM; Coelho,MC
2016OBAVUM: An Ontology-based Approach to Visualizing Urban Mobility DataThiago Sobral; Vera Lúcia Costa; José Luís Borges; Tânia Daniela Fontes; Teresa Galvão
2015Prediction of Journey Destination in Urban Public TransportVera Lúcia Costa; Tânia Daniela Fontes; Costa,PM; Teresa Galvão
2016Traffic restriction policies in an urban avenue: A methodological overview for a trade-off analysis of traffic and emission impacts using microsimulationFernandes,P; Bandeira,JM; Tânia Daniela Fontes; Pereira,SR; Schroeder,BJ; Rouphail,NM; Coelho,MC
2017Trends of PM2.5 concentrations in China: A long term approachTânia Daniela Fontes; Li,PL; Barros,N; Zhao,PJ
2016Urban scale air quality modelling using detailed traffic emissions estimatesBorrego,C; Amorim,JH; Tchepel,O; Dias,D; Rafael,S; Sa,E; Pimentel,C; Tânia Daniela Fontes; Fernandes,P; Pereira,SR; Bandeira,JM; Coelho,MC