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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Accessible options for Deaf people in e-Learning platforms: technology solutions for Sign Language translationPaulo Martins; Rodrigues,H; Tânia Vilela Rocha; Francisco,M; Leonel Morgado
2016Evaluating Selection, Manipulation and Navigation Tasks by People with Intellectual Disabilities Learning level comparison of user interaction performance with digital contentTânia Vilela Rocha; Maximino Bessa; Miguel Correia Melo; João Barroso; Cabral,L
2013Identifying different visual patterns in web users behaviourGoncalves,M; Tânia Vilela Rocha; Luís Gonzaga Magalhães; Emanuel Peres Correia; Maximino Bessa; Chalmers,A
2015Multi-sensory storytelling to support learning for people with intellectual disability: an exploratory didactic studyMatos,A; Tânia Vilela Rocha; Cabral,L; Maximino Bessa
2015Performing universal tasks on the Web: Interaction with digital content by people with intellectual disabilitiesTânia Vilela Rocha; Maximino Bessa; Magalhães,L; Cabral,L
2016Performing universal tasks using a mini iPad: usability assessment per people with intellectual disabilitiesTânia Vilela Rocha; Maximino Bessa; Cabral,Luciana
2016Presence in Virtual Environments: Objective Metrics vs. Subjective Metrics - A Pilot StudyMiguel Correia Melo; Tânia Vilela Rocha; Luis Barbosa; Maximino Bessa
2016Usability evaluation of an entertainment platform by people with intellectual disabilitiesTânia Vilela Rocha; Diana Machado Carvalho; Ramiro Gonçalves; José Luís Martins; Frederico Branco; Maximino Bessa
2017Usability evaluation of navigation tasks by people with intellectual disabilities: a Google and SAPO comparative study regarding different interaction modalitiesTânia Vilela Rocha; Carvalho,D; Maximino Bessa; Reis,S; Magalhães,L