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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Application of collaborative information exchange in urban public transport: the Seamless Mobility solutionCosta,PM; Tânia Daniela Fontes; Nunes,AA; Marta Campos Ferreira; Vera Lúcia Costa; Teresa Galvão; José Luís Borges; João Falcão Cunha
2013Assessing contextual mood in public transport: A pilot studyCosta,PM; Pitt,J; Teresa Galvão; João Falcão Cunha
2015The assessment of cities' livability integrating human wellbeing and environmental impactZanella,A; Ana Camanho; Teresa Galvão
2016The Assessment of Municipal Services: Environmental Efficiency of Buildings ConstructionIsabel Horta; Ana Camanho; Teresa Galvão; Niza,S
2013Benchmarking countries' environmental performanceAndreia Zanella; Ana Camanho; Teresa Galvão
2016Challenging user interaction in Public Transportation Spider Maps: a Cobweb solution for the city of PortoMaciel,F; Teresa Galvão
2015Discovering MARS: A Mobility Aware Recommender SystemLeal,R; Costa,PM; Teresa Galvão
2017Estimation of Origin-Destination matrices under Automatic Fare Collection: The case study of Porto transportation systemJoana Maria Hora; Teresa Galvão; Ana Camanho; Thiago Sobral
2017Evaluation of an integrated mobile payment, route planner and social network solution for public transportMarta Campos Ferreira; Tânia Daniela Fontes; Vera Lúcia Costa; Teresa Galvão; José Luís Borges; João Falcão Cunha
2015Exploring Ticketing Approaches Using Mobile Technologies: QR Codes, NFC and BLECouto,R; Leal,J; Costa,PM; Teresa Galvão
2014A GRASP-based Approach for Demand Responsive TransportationGomes,R; de Sousa,JP; Teresa Galvão
2015How to Encourage the Use of Public Transport? A Multiservice Approach Based on Mobile TechnologiesMarta Campos Ferreira; Teresa Galvão
2015How to predict journey destination for supporting contextual intelligent information services?Vera Lúcia Costa; Tânia Daniela Fontes; Costa,PM; Teresa Galvão
2015How to Support the Design and Development of Interactive Pervasive EnvironmentsCosta,PM; Teresa Galvão; João Falcão Cunha; Pitt,J
2015Improving the robustness of bus schedules using an optimization modelHora,J; Teresa Galvão; Ana Camanho
2016Improving the Service Level of Bus Transportation Systems: Evaluation and Optimization of Bus Schedules' RobustnessJoana Maria Hora; Teresa Galvão; Ana Camanho
2014An integrated approach for the design of demand responsive transportation servicesGomes,R; De Sousa,JP; Teresa Galvão
2015The Leap Motion Movement for 2D Pointing Tasks Characterisation and Comparison to Other DevicesBessa Seixas,MCB; Cardoso,JCS; Teresa Galvão
2017Mobile payments adoption in public transportTânia Daniela Fontes; Vera Lúcia Costa; Marta Campos Ferreira; Li,SX; Zhao,PJ; Teresa Galvão
2017A Multi-User Integrated Platform for Supporting the Design and Management of Urban Mobility SystemsTânia Daniela Fontes; Correia,J; De Sousa,JP; Jorge Freire Sousa; Teresa Galvão