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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015a-GIZO TFT neural modeling, circuit simulation and validationBahubalindruni,PG; Vítor Grade Tavares; Barquinha,P; Manuel Cândido Santos; Cardoso,N; de Oliveira,PG; Martins,R; Fortunato,E
2013An Adaptive Duty-Cycle Methodology for PV Power Maximization Using a Single VariableVidal,AA; Vítor Grade Tavares; Principe,JC
2015An Adaptive Signal Processing Framework for PV Power MaximizationVidal,AA; Vítor Grade Tavares; Principe,JC
2015Analog circuits with high-gain topologies using a-GIZO TFTs on glassBahubalindruni,PG; Silva,B; Vítor Grade Tavares; Barquinha,P; Cardoso,N; Guedes De Oliveira,P; Martins,R; Fortunato,E
2016Basic Analog and Digital Circuits with a-IGZO TFTsBahubalindruni,PG; Vítor Grade Tavares; Barquinha,P; Martins,R; Fortunato,E
2012Basic Analog Circuits with a-GIZO Thin-Film Transistors: Modeling and SimulationVítor Grade Tavares; Pedro Guedes de Oliveira; Elvira Fortunato; Rodrigo Martins; Pedro Barquinha; Pydi Bahubalindruni; Manuel Cândido Santos
2012BIST Design for Analog Cell MatchingVítor Grade Tavares; Manuel Cândido Santos; Henrique Cavadas; Pedro Coke; Pedro Guedes de Oliveira; Luís Malheiro
2007A Built-in Methodology for Resemblance Gathering in RKII NetworksManuel Cândido Santos; Vítor Grade Tavares; José Machado da Silva; Sebastian Tabarce
2012Circuits for Analog Signal Conditioning with a-GIZO Transparent TFTsPedro Guedes de Oliveira; Manuel Cândido Santos; Rodrigo Martins; Elvira Fortunato; Pydi Bahubalindruni; Vítor Grade Tavares; Pedro Barquinha
2010A CMOS Energy-Detector for Impulse-Radio UWB Noncoherent ReceiversMirjana Videnović Daniel Oliveira; Vítor Grade Tavares; -Mišić Pydi Bahubalindruni; Manuel Cândido Santos
2017A complementary LC-tank based IR-UWB pulse generator for BPSK modulationKianpour,I; Hussain,B; Vítor Grade Tavares
2014DALM-SVD: Accelerated sparse coding through singular value decomposition of the dictionaryGonçalves,HR; Miguel Velhote Correia; Li,X; Sankaranarayanan,A; Vítor Grade Tavares
2012Design and Implementation of a Circuit for Mesh Networks with Application in Body Area NetworksJoão Canas Ferreira; Fardin Derogarian Miyandoab; Vítor Grade Tavares
2014Design and Implementation of Hybrid Circuit/Packet Switching for Wearable SystemsJoão Canas Ferreira; Fardin Derogarian Miyandoab; Vítor Grade Tavares
2009Design of a Current-Mode Class-D Power Amplifier in RF-CMOSDaniel Oliveira; Manuel Cândido Santos; Pedro Guedes de Oliveira; Vítor Grade Tavares
2015Detection of illegitimate access to JTAG via statistical learning in chipRen,X; Vítor Grade Tavares; Blanton,RDS
2014E-legging for monitoring the human locomotion patternsCatarino,A; Rocha,AM; Abreu,MJ; Derogarian,F; José Machado da Silva; João Canas Ferreira; Vítor Grade Tavares; Miguel Velhote Correia; Dias,R