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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Optimal control problems for path planing of AUV using simplified modelsDe Pinho,MDR; Foroozandeh,Z; Aníbal Matos
2006Optimal design of work-in-process buffersManuel Matos; José António Pereira de Faria; Eusébio Nunes
1983Optimal emplacement of switching devices in radial distribution networksVladimiro Miranda
2012Optimal leverage association rules with numerical interval conditionsAlípio Jorge; Paulo Jorge Azevedo
2012Optimal life insurance purchase, consumption and investment on a financial market with multi-dimensional diffusive termsDiogo Pinheiro; Isabel Duarte; Stanley R. Pliska; Alberto Pinto
2014Optimal life insurance purchase, consumption and investment on a financial market with multi-dimensional diffusive termsDuarte,I; Pinheiro,D; Alberto Pinto; Pliska,SR
2016Optimal life-insurance selection and purchase within a market of several life-insurance providersMousa,AS; Pinheiro,D; Alberto Pinto
2011Optimal Linear Parameterization for On-Line Estimation of Tire-Road FrictionDiamantino Freitas; Ricardo de Castro; Rui Esteves Araujo
2014Optimal localization of firms in hotelling networksAlberto Pinto; Telmo Parreira
2013Optimal location of the workpiece in a PKM-based machining robotic cellEduardo Pires; Lopes,AM; Tenreiro Machado,JA; Paulo Moura Oliveira
2011Optimal Management of Battery Charging of Electric Vehicles: A New Microgrid FeatureAhmad Karnama; Fernanda Resende; João Peças Lopes
2016Optimal planning and campaign scheduling of biopharmaceutical processes using a continuous-time formulationVieira,Miguel; Varela,TaniaPinto; Samuel Moniz; Póvoa,AnaPaulaF.D.Barbosa; Papageorgiou,LazarosG.
2016Optimal planning and operation of aggregated distributed energy resources with market participationCalvillo,CF; Sanchez Miralles,A; José Villar; Martin,F
2015Optimal planning and operation of distributed energy resources considering uncertainty on EVsMartin,F; Sanchez Miralles,A; José Villar; Calvillo,CF; Soder,L
2004Optimal Power Flow Analysis using Fuzzy Supply and Fuzzy Demand FunctionsTeresa Ponce Leão; Paulo Manuel De Oliveira-De Jesus
2006Optimal Reactive Power Provision of Wind Farms in Liberalized Markets - A Generation ViewpointEdgardo Castronuovo ; Paulo Manuel De Oliveira-De Jesus; Teresa Ponce Leão
2016Optimal Single Wind Hydro-Pump Storage Bidding in Day-Ahead Markets Including Bilateral ContractsSanchez de la Nieta,AAS; Contreras,J; João Catalão
2017Optimal storage dispatch in a consumer setting with local generation resourcesMetz,D; João Tomé Saraiva
2016Optimal trading of plug-in electric vehicle aggregation agents in a market environment for sustainabilityShafie khah,M; Heydarian Forushani,E; Golshan,MEH; Siano,P; Moghaddam,MP; Sheikh El Eslam,MK; João Catalão
2017Optimising the calculation of statistical functionsRodrigues,Andre; Carla Pereira Silva; Borges,PauloViniciusKoerich; Silva,Sergio; Inês Dutra