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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Public Green Space Use and Consequences on Urban Vitality: An Assessment of European CitiesLopes,MN; Ana Camanho
2013Publishing linked data with DaPressTeresa Almeida Costa; José Paulo Leal
2003Pulsed Laser Deposition of Barium Metaplumbate Thin Films for Ferroelectric CapacitorsEdnan Joanni; José Ramiro Fernandes; Cezarina Mardare; Andrei Mardare
2013Pushouts in Software Architecture DesignRiche,TL; Rui Carlos Gonçalves; Marker,B; Batory,D
2010PVC Smart Sensing Foil for Advanced Strain MeasurementsP. M. Mendes; Luís Alberto Ferreira; Francisco Araújo; J. H. Correia; A. F. da Silva; A. F. Gonçalves
2017A PVS-Simulink Integrated Environment for Model-Based Analysis of Cyber-Physical SystemsBernardeschi,C; Domenici,A; Paolo Masci
2015PVSio-web 2.0: Joining PVS to HCIPaolo Masci; Oladimeji,Patrick; Zhang,Yi; Jones,PaulL.; Curzon,Paul; Thimbleby,HaroldW.
2016PVSio-web: mathematically based tool support for the design of interactive and interoperable medical systemsPaolo Masci; Oladimeji,Patrick; Mallozzi,Piergiuseppe; Curzon,Paul; Thimbleby,Harold
2017QmihR: Pipeline for Quantification of Microbiome in Human RNA-seqCavadas,B; Ferreira,J; Rui Camacho; Nuno Fonseca; Pereira,L
2014QoS-based management of biomedical wireless sensor networks for patient monitoringCarlos Jorge Abreu; Miranda,F; Manuel Ricardo; Mendes,PM
2017A qualitative research evaluation of a Portuguese computerized cancer registrySantos Pereira,C; Cruz Correia,R; António Carvalho Brito; Augusto,AB; Manuel Eduardo Correia; Bento,MJ; Antunes,L
2013Quality of Life Experienced by Human Capital: An Assessment of European CitiesMorais,P; Vera Miguéis; Ana Camanho
2017Quality-Aware Reactive Programming for the Internet of ThingsJosé Paiva Proença; Carlos Baquero
2015Quantification of Chemical Characteristics of Olive Fruit and Oil of cv Cobran double dagger osa in Two Ripening Stages Using MIR Spectroscopy and ChemometricsMachado,M; Machado,N; Gouvinhas,I; Cunha,M; José Almeida; Barros,AIRNA