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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015a-GIZO TFT neural modeling, circuit simulation and validationBahubalindruni,PG; Vítor Grade Tavares; Barquinha,P; Manuel Cândido Santos; Cardoso,N; de Oliveira,PG; Martins,R; Fortunato,E
2011Abordagens para a pesquisa por palavras-chave em base de dados estruturadaAndré Santos; Sérgio Nunes
2014ABrIL - Advanced Brain Imaging Lab.: a cloud based computation environment for cooperative neuroimaging projectsNeves Tafula,SMN; Nádia Moreira Silva; Rozanski,VE; João Paulo Cunha
2007Absorption-line-locked fiber laser for gas-sensing applicationsNome Apelido; Francisco Araújo; Luís Alberto Ferreira
2010Academic Misconduct in Portugal: Results from a Large Scale Survey to University Economics/Business StudentsAurora Teixeira; Maria de Fátima Rocha
2015Accelerating Recommender Systems using GPUsAndré Valente Rodrigues; Alípio Jorge; Inês Dutra
2015Accelerating Recommender Systems using GPUsAndré Valente Rodrigues; Alípio Jorge; Inês Dutra
2013Accelerating solitons in gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fibersFacao,M; Maria Inês Carvalho; Almeida,P
2016Acceleration of Tear Film Map Definition on Multicore SystemsDomínguez,JG; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Martín,MJ
2015Access Control and Obligations in the Category-Based Metamodel: A Rewrite-Based SemanticsSandra Alves; Degtyarev,A; Fernandez,M
2009Accessibility and Usability on the Internet for people with intellectual disabilitiesLuís Gonzaga Magalhães; Tânia Rocha; Martinho Gonçalves; Maximino Bessa; Francisco Godinho
2018Accessibility in Software Engineering: Pursuing the Mainstream from a ClassroomSilva,J; Branco,F; Pereira,A; José Luís Martins; Ramiro Gonçalves; 5754; 6516
2012Accessibility levels of Portuguese enterprise websites: equal opportunities for all?Manuel Au-Yong Oliveira; José Martins; Jorge Pereira; João José Ferreira; Ramiro Gonçalves
2015Accessible options for Deaf people in e-Learning platforms: technology solutions for Sign Language translationPaulo Martins; Rodrigues,H; Tânia Vilela Rocha; Francisco,M; Leonel Morgado
2019Accessible software development: a conceptual model proposalRamiro Gonçalves; José Luís Martins; Au Yong Oliveira,M; Pereira,A; Sousa e Silva,JSE; Frederico Branco; 5754; 6516; 6499
2017Accounting for uncertainty in search operations using AUVsNuno Miguel Abreu; Nuno Cruz; Aníbal Matos
2005Accumulator size minimization for a fast cumulant-based motion estimationJaime Cardoso; Luís Corte Real
2015Accuracy versus Complexity of MARG-based Filters for Remote Control Pointing DevicesRasteiro,M; Hugo Costelha; Bento,L; Assuncao,P; 5759
2010An accurate and interpretable model for BCCT.coreHélder Filipe Oliveira; Jaime Cardoso; André Magalhães; Maria João Cardoso
2015Accurate detection of spread-spectrum modulated signals in reverberant underwater environmentsAparicio,J; Jimenez,A; Alvarez,FJ; Urena,J; De Marziani,C; de Diego,D; Nuno Cruz; Campos,H