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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015C and OpenCL Generation from MATLABJoão Bispo; Luís Cubal Reis; João Paiva Cardoso
2018-06-26Cadernos eleitorais para a votação da constituição da Comissão de Trabalhadores do INESC TEC-
2012Calcium phosphate ceramics in periodontal regeneration. For the e-book entitled 'Current Trends on Glass and Ceramics Materials'. Bentham Science Publishers, USA/UAE, (2012), Chapter 5, pp 115-141. eISBN:978-1-60805-452-7 ISBN: 978-1-60805-514-2.Nandyala Hussain; Pavan Kumar G
2004Calculation of Nodal and Zonal Coefficients to incorporate in the Portuguese Tariffs for use of the transmission NetworkAndré Sá; João Tomé Saraiva; Teresa Ponce Leão; Manuel João Aguiar
2012A Calculus for Generic, QoS-Aware Component CompositionLuís Soares Barbosa; Sun Meng
2016Call admission control for wireless mesh network based on power interference modeling using directional antennaSaravanan Kandasamy; Marques,C; Calcada,T; Manuel Ricardo; Matos,R; Sargento,S
2016Can Metalearning Be Applied to Transfer on Heterogeneous Datasets?Catarina Félix Oliveira; Carlos Manuel Soares; Alípio Jorge
2014Can Presence Improve Collaboration in 3D Virtual Worlds?Cruz,A; Hugo Paredes; Benjamim Fonseca; Leonel Morgado; Paulo Martins
2014Can we avoid unnecessary polysomnographies in the diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea? A Bayesian network decision support toolLeite,L; Santos,C; Pedro Pereira Rodrigues
2016Can we detect English proficiency through reading behavior? A preliminary studySilva,IG; Carla Lopes; Ellison,M
2007Cantor exchange systems and renormalizationF. Ferreira; Alberto Pinto; David Rand
2014CAOVerif: An open-source deductive verification platform for cryptographic software implementationsJosé Bacelar Almeida; Manuel Barbosa; Filliatre,JC; Jorge Sousa Pinto; Vieira,B
2011Capacitated Lotsizing and Scheduling with Sequence-dependent, Period Overlapping and Non Triangular Setups.António Aroso; Alistair Clark; Bernardo Almada-Lobo
2010Capacity credit of microgeneration and microgridsPaulo Moisés; Manuel Matos
2012CAPTURA DE CÉLULAS COM LUZAriel Guerreiro; Ana Rita Ribeiro; Pedro Jorge
1999The CARE system overview: Advanced control advice for power systems with large-scale integration of renewable energy sourcesN. Hatziargyriou; Manuel Matos; João Peças Lopes
2017Cargo dynamic stability in the container loading problem -a physics simulation tool approachAntónio Galrão Ramos; João Tiago Jacob; Justo,JF; José Fernando Oliveira; Rui Pedro Rodrigues; António Miguel Gomes
2015Carotid intima-medial thickness, aortic stiffness and retinal microvascular signs provide evidence for optimal blood pressure target in hypertensive patientsCastro,P; Monteiro,A; Penas,S; Ferreira,C; Martins,L; Aurélio Campilho; Polonia,J; Azevedo,E
2007Cascaded change detection for foreground segmentationLuís Corte Real; Luís Filipe Teixeira
2016CASDES: A Computer-Aided System to Support Dry Eye Diagnosis Based on Tear Film MapsBeatriz Remeseiro López; González,AM; Penedo,MG