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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Label Ranking ForestsCláudio Rebelo Sá; Carlos Manuel Soares; Knobbe,A; Cortez,P
2012Label-Free Detection of Microcystin-LR in Waters Using Real-Time Potentiometric Biosensors Based on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Imprinted PolymersPaulo Vicente Marques; Raquel Barbosa Queirós; Nome Apelido; Nome Apelido
2016Label-free optical biosensor for direct complex DNA detection using Vitis vinifera L.Moreira,L; Goncalves,HMR; Pereira,L; Castro,C; Pedro Jorge; Gouveia,C; José Ramiro Fernandes; Martins Lopes,P
2017Labeled Homomorphic Encryption - Scalable and Privacy-Preserving Processing of Outsourced DataManuel Barbosa; Fiore,D; Catalano,D; 5604
2011Labour decisions and industrial dynamics in an evolutionary model: a neglected modelling approachS.T Silva; Aurora Teixeira
2016Lagrangian relaxation bounds for a production-inventory-routing problemAgra,A; Adelaide Cerveira; Requejo,C
2013Lane Background Removal for the Classification of Thin-Layer Chromatography ImagesMoreira,BM; Sousa,AV; Ana Maria Mendonça; Aurélio Campilho
2018Languages and models for hybrid automata: A coalgebraic perspectiveLuís Soares Barbosa; Renato Jorge Neves; 6181; 5603
2015Languages, Applications and Technologies - 4th International Symposium, SLATE 2015, Madrid, Spain, June 18-19, 2015, Revised Selected PapersRodríguez,JLS; José Paulo Leal; Simões,A
2017LARA as a language-independent aspect-oriented programming approachPinto,P; Carvalho,T; João Bispo; João Paiva Cardoso
2016Large Margin Discriminant Dimensionality Reduction in Prediction SpaceSaberian,MohammadJ.; José Costa Pereira; Vasconcelos,Nuno; Xu,Can
2016Large Project Management in the Automotive Industry: A Flexible and Knowledge Based ApproachFilipe David Ferreira; Ana Luísa Marques; Faria,J; Américo Azevedo
2013Large range linear torsion sensor based on a suspended-core fiber loop mirrorRicardo Melo André; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Mergo,P; Orlando Frazão
2016Large Scale Graph Representations for Subgraph CensusPedro Reis Paredes; Pedro Manuel Ribeiro