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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014SaaS usage information for requirements maintenanceGarcia,A; Ana Cristina Paiva
2014A Safe Approximation for Kolmogorov ComplexityBloem,P; Mota,F; de Rooij,S; Luís Filipe Antunes; Adriaans,P
2011Safe Controllers Design for Industrial Automation SystemsCelina Leão; José Machado; Eurico Seabra; José Creissac Campos; Filomena Soares
2016A safe-by-design programming language for wireless sensor networksLuís Lopes; Martins,F
2017SafeFS: a modular architecture for secure user-space file systems: one FUSE to rule them allRogério António Pontes; Burihabwa,Dorian; Francisco Almeida Maia; João Tiago Paulo; Schiavoni,Valerio; Felber,Pascal; Mercier,Hugues; Rui Carlos Oliveira
2016SafeRegions: Performance evaluation of multi-party protocols on HBaseRogério António Pontes; Francisco Almeida Maia; João Tiago Paulo; Ricardo Pereira Vilaça
2017Safety Analysis of Software Components of a Dialysis Machine Using Model CheckingHarrison,MD; Drinnan,M; José Creissac Campos; Paolo Masci; Freitas,L; Maria,Cd; Whitaker,M
2018A Safety Monitoring Model for a Faulty Mobile RobotAndry Maykol Pinto; Leite,A; Aníbal Matos; 5158; 5446
2016Saharan dust electrification perceived by a triangle of atmospheric electricity stations in Southern PortugalSilva,HG; Lopes,FM; Pereira,S; Nicoll,K; Susana Alexandra Barbosa; Conceicao,R; Neves,S; Harrison,RG; Collares Pereira,MC
2016Sales Forecasting in Retail Industry Based on Dynamic Regression ModelsJorge Pinho de Sousa; José Manuel Oliveira; Patrícia Ramos