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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018YAKE! Collection-Independent Automatic Keyword ExtractorRicardo Campos; Vítor Mangaravite; Arian Rodrigo Pasquali; Alípio Jorge; Nunes,C; Jatowt,A
2012The Yap Prolog SystemVítor Santos Costa; Ricardo Rocha; Luís Damas
2011Yeast metabolic state identification using micro-fiber optics spectroscopyR. Martins; J. Silva; C. Castro; A. A. Vicente; Paula Alexandra Tafulo; Pedro Jorge
2019YouTube timed metadata enrichment using a collaborative approachPaula Viana; José Pedro Pinto; 5865; 1107
2012Zatlab: A Gesture Analysis System to Music InteractionJaime Cardoso; Andre Baltazar; Luis Gustavo Martins
2016Zinc oxide coated optical fiber long period gratings for sensing of volatile organic compoundsLuís Carlos Coelho; Diana Viegas; Santos,JL; Marques Martins de Almeida,JMMM
2019Memoized zipper-based attribute grammars and their higher order extensionMartins,P; Viera,M; João Alexandre Saraiva; Pardo,A; João Paulo Fernandes; 5597; 5631
2020State-machine replication for planet-scale systemsPerrin,M; Sutra,P; Vítor Manuel Duarte; Carlos Baquero; Rezende,TF; Gotsman,A; 6704; 5596
2018Towards Verified Handwritten Calculational Proofs - (Short Paper)Alexandra Sofia Mendes; Ferreira,JF; 7344
2020Solving the grocery backroom layout problemElsa Marília Silva; Pires,M; Pedro Amorim; 5964; 5675
2019Data mining based framework to assess solution quality for the rectangular 2D strip-packing problemAlvaro Luiz Júnior; José Fernando Oliveira; Carlos Manuel Soares; António Miguel Gomes; Elsa Marília Silva; 5001; 265; 5675; 6300; 1249
2019Using virtual reality tools for teaching foreign languagesPinto,D; Cabral,L; Miguel Correia Melo; Krassmann,A; Peixoto,B; Maximino Bessa; 5408; 5095
2018Load balance recovery for multi-drop distribution problems: A mixed integer linear programming approachElsa Marília Silva; António Galrão Ramos; José Fernando Oliveira; 5675; 5899; 265
2019Virtual reality in education: Learning a foreign languagePeixoto,B; Cabral,L; Miguel Correia Melo; Krassmann,A; Pinto,D; Maximino Bessa; 5408; 5095
2019The impact of gender, avatar and height in distance perception in virtual environmentsMiguel Correia Melo; Maximino Bessa; Vasconcelos Raposo,J; Frederico Branco; Coelho,H; 6499; 5095; 5408