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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018YAKE! Collection-Independent Automatic Keyword ExtractorRicardo Campos; Vítor Mangaravite; Arian Rodrigo Pasquali; Alípio Jorge; Nunes,C; Jatowt,A
2012The Yap Prolog SystemVítor Santos Costa; Ricardo Rocha; Luís Damas
2011Yeast metabolic state identification using micro-fiber optics spectroscopyR. Martins; J. Silva; C. Castro; A. A. Vicente; Paula Alexandra Tafulo; Pedro Jorge
2019YouTube timed metadata enrichment using a collaborative approachPaula Viana; José Pedro Pinto; 5865; 1107
2012Zatlab: A Gesture Analysis System to Music InteractionJaime Cardoso; Andre Baltazar; Luis Gustavo Martins
2016Zinc oxide coated optical fiber long period gratings for sensing of volatile organic compoundsLuís Carlos Coelho; Diana Viegas; Santos,JL; Marques Martins de Almeida,JMMM
2019A cluster-based optimization approach to support the participation of an aggregator of a larger number of prosumers in the day-ahead energy marketJosé Pedro Iria; Filipe Joel Soares; 5485; 4999
2018Control Room Requirements for Voltage Control in Future Power SystemsFilipe Joel Soares; João Peças Lopes; Riano,S; Merino,J; Coelho,A; 4999; 1103
2019Optimal bidding strategy for an aggregator of prosumers in energy and secondary reserve marketsManuel Matos; José Pedro Iria; Filipe Joel Soares; 5485; 4999; 214
2018Identification and comparison of power and energy management capabilities of distributed energy resourcesSandroni,C; Verga,M; Lazzari,R; Zehir,MA; Barbosa,A; Pellegrino,L; Ozdemir,A; Filipe Joel Soares; Kucuk,U; Bagriyanik,M; 4999
2019Distribution network planning considering technology diffusion dynamics and spatial net-load behaviorSilva,J; Filipe Joel Soares; Melo,J; Vladimiro Miranda; Heymann,F; Padilha Feltrin,A; 4999; 208
2019Development and Field Demonstration of a Gamified Residential Demand Management Platform Compatible with Smart Meters and Building Automation SystemsZehir,MA; Ozdemir,A; Kucuk,U; Bagriyanik,M; Filipe Joel Soares; João Gama; Aydin,Z; Batman,A; Gul,H; Ortac,KB; 5120; 4999
2018Trading Small Prosumers Flexibility in the Energy and Tertiary Reserve MarketsJosé Pedro Iria; Manuel Matos; Filipe Joel Soares; 4999; 5485; 214