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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20153 DoF/6 DoF Localization System for Low Computing Power Mobile Robot PlatformsCarlos Miguel Costa; Héber Miguel Sobreira; Armando Sousa; Germano Veiga
2016Active Management of Electric Vehicles Acting as Distributed StorageFilipe Joel Soares; Almeida,PMR; Galus,M; Pedro Pereira Barbeiro; João Peças Lopes
2014Addressing trade-offs among fuel management scenarios through a dynamic and spatial integrated approach for enhanced decision-making in eucalyptus forestBotequim,B; Ager,A; Abilio Pereira Pacheco; Oliveira,T; João Claro; Fernandes,PM; Borges,JG
2013Advanced models and simulation tools to address electric vehicle power system integration (steady-state and dynamic behavior)Filipe Joel Soares; Almeida,PMR; João Peças Lopes
2016An agent-based approach to schedule crane operations in rail-rail transshipment terminalsSam Heshmati; Kokkinogenis,Z; Rossetti,RJF; Maria Antónia Carravilla; José Fernando Oliveira
2012Agent-based System Applied to Smart Distribution Grid OperationMauro Rosa; Wagner Franchin; Diego Issicaba; João Peças Lopes
2015AIS-Enabled Collision Avoidance Strategies for Autonomous SailboatsJosé Carlos Alves; Nuno Cruz
2017Analysis and quantification of upper-limb movement in motor rehabilitation after strokeSilva,RM; Sousa,E; Fonseca,P; Pinheiro,AR; Silva,C; Miguel Velhote Correia; Mouta,S
2014Analysis of an incomplete information system using the rough set theoryFaustino Agreira,CI; Travassos Valdez,MM; Machado Ferreira,CM; Fernando Maciel Barbosa
2018APASail—An Agent-Based Platform for Autonomous Sailing Research and CompetitionAlves,B; Bruno Miguel Veloso; Benedita Malheiro
2008'Applications to System Planning', Ch. 14 in 'Modern Heuristic Optimization Techniques - Theory and application to Power Systems', Ed. Kwang Y. Lee and Mohamed A. El-Sharkawi, IEEE Press/Wiley, ISBN 978-0471-45711-4, 2008Vladimiro Miranda
2017Automated Detection and Categorization of Genital Injuries Using Digital ColposcopyKelwin Alexander Correia; Jaime Cardoso; Astrup,BS
2015Automated Diagnosis of Breast Cancer on Medical ImagesVelikova,M; Inês Dutra; Burnside,ES
2014Automatic Analysis of Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope Sequences for Arteriovenous Passage Time MeasurementMarino,C; Ortega,M; Novo,J; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Fernandez,A; Gomez-Ulla,F
2014Automatization of Dry Eye Syndrome TestsPenedo,M; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Ramos,L; Barreira,N; García-Resúa,C; Yebra-Pimentel,E; Mosquera,A
2015The basic multi-project scheduling problemJosé Fernando Gonçalves; De Mendes,JJM; Resende,MGC
2014Benchmarking dos serviços dos hospitais portugueses: uma aplicação de data envelopment analysisCastro,RAS; Portela,CS; Ana Camanho
2012Bus Bunching Detection by Mining Sequences of Headway DeviationsJorge Freire; Luís Moreira Matias; Carlos Ferreira; João Gama; João Mendes Moreira
2015Business Benefits of Licensed Shared Access (LSA) for Key StakeholdersMatinmikko,M; Okkonen,H; Yrjölä,S; Ahokangas,P; Mustonen,M; Palola,M; Vânia Guiomar Gonçalves; Kivimäki,A; Luttinen,E; Kemppainen,J
2012Calcium phosphate ceramics in periodontal regeneration. For the e-book entitled 'Current Trends on Glass and Ceramics Materials'. Bentham Science Publishers, USA/UAE, (2012), Chapter 5, pp 115-141. eISBN:978-1-60805-452-7 ISBN: 978-1-60805-514-2.Nandyala Hussain; Pavan Kumar G