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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Regarding Value in Digital Serendipitous InteractionsMelo,R; Miguel Carvalhais
2013Register transfer level workflow for application and evaluation of soft error mitigation techniquesSousa,F; Anghinolfi,F; João Canas Ferreira
2017Registration of Breast Surface Data Before and After Surgical InterventionSílvia Neto Bessa; Hélder Filipe Oliveira
2011Regressão linear com variáveis intervalaresPaula Brito; Sónia Dias
2012Regressão linear entre vari aveis histograma - uma nova versão do modelo DSDPaula Brito; Sónia Dias
2016Regression Approach for Automatic Detection of Attention LapsesGeorgieva,K; Georgieva,P; Georgieva,O; Ribeiro,MJ; Joana Isabel Paiva
2018A Regression Model for Predicting Shape Deformation after Breast Conserving SurgeryZolfagharnasab,H; Sílvia Neto Bessa; Sara Isabel Oliveira; Faria,P; João Pedro Teixeira; Jaime Cardoso; Hélder Filipe Oliveira
2017Regression TreesLuís Torgo
2008Regulation of microgeneration and microgridsJoão Peças Lopes; Paulo Moisés Costa; Manuel Matos
2000Regulation, Tariff Schemes and Quality of Service - A DiscussionTeresa Ponce Leão; João Tomé Saraiva; Pereira da Silva
2016Regulatory Issues in the Deployment of Distributed Storage Devices in Distribution NetworksRicardo Jorge Ferreira; Manuel Matos; João Peças Lopes
2006Regulatory T cell adjustment of quorum growth thresholds and the control of local immune responsesAlberto Pinto; Bruno Mendes Oliveira; N.J. Burroughs
2015Rehab@home: A tool for home-based motor function rehabilitationFaria,C; Jorge Silva; Aurélio Campilho
2014Reject option paradigm for the reduction of support vectorsSousa,R; Da Rocha Neto,AR; Barreto,GA; Jaime Cardoso; Coimbra,MT
2012Rekindle dynamics: validating the pressure on wildland fire suppression resources and implications for fire management in Portugal.João Claro; Abilio Pereira Pacheco; Tiago Oliveira
2014Rekindles or one-o quality in forest fire fighting: validating the pressure on firefighters and implications for forest fire management in PortugalAbilio Pereira Pacheco; João Claro; Oliveira,T
2014The Related-Key Analysis of Feistel ConstructionsManuel Barbosa; Farshim,P
2016Relation Between Game Genres and Competences for In-Game CertificationRicardo José Baptista; António Coelho; de Carvalho,CV
2014A relation-algebraic approach to the "Hoare logic" of functional dependenciesJosé Nuno Oliveira
2015Relational and Algebraic Methods in Computer Science 15th International Conference, RAMiCS 2015 Braga, Portugal, September 28-October 1, 2015 ProceedingsKahl,W; Winter,M; José Nuno Oliveira