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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012B-Splines Based Built-in Self-Testing of a RF Power AmplifierAntónio Araújo; José Silva Borges; José Machado da Silva
2013BabeLO-An Extensible Converter of Programming Exercises FormatsRicardo Queirós; José Paulo Leal
2017Balancing a Mixed-Model Assembly System in the Footwear IndustrySadeghi,P; Rebelo,RD; José Soeiro Ferreira
2014Balancing European SME Managers’ Training Contents: Perceived Importance & Training NeedsLeonel Morgado; Varajão,J; Dominguez,C; Oliveira,I; Sousa,F
2007Bandwidth-efficient byte stuffingJaime Cardoso
2003Barium Metaplumbate Thin Film Electrodes for Ferroelectric DevicesA L Kholkin; A Mardare; C Mardare; E Joanni; José Ramiro Fernandes; P M Vilarinho
2012Barriers and solutions for AC low voltage fault ride-through on Multi-terminal HVDC gridsHélder Leite; Bernardo Silva; Carlos Moreira; João Peças Lopes
2016Basic Analog and Digital Circuits with a-IGZO TFTsBahubalindruni,PG; Vítor Grade Tavares; Barquinha,P; Martins,R; Fortunato,E
2012Basic Analog Circuits with a-GIZO Thin-Film Transistors: Modeling and SimulationVítor Grade Tavares; Pedro Guedes de Oliveira; Elvira Fortunato; Rodrigo Martins; Pedro Barquinha; Pydi Bahubalindruni; Manuel Cândido Santos
2015The basic multi-project scheduling problemJosé Fernando Gonçalves; De Mendes,JJM; Resende,MGC
2015Batched Evaluation of Full-Sharing Multithreaded TablingMiguel Gonçalves Areias; Ricardo Rocha
2013Batched Evaluation of Linear Tabled Logic ProgramsMiguel Gonçalves Areias; Ricardo Rocha
2011Bayesian Hyperspectral Image Segmentation With Discriminative Class LearningAndré Marçal; Janete Borges; José Bioucas-Dias
2014Bayesian model fusion: Enabling test cost reduction of analog/RF circuits via wafer-level spatial variation modelingZhang,S; Li,X; Blanton,RDS; José Machado da Silva; Carulli,JM; Butler,KM
2011Bayesian-Nash equilibria in theory of planned behaviorLuís Miguel Miranda; Alberto Pinto; Helena Ferreira; José Cruz
2010BCCT.core Model Enhancement With Interpretability and Lateral InformationJaime Cardoso; Hélder Filipe Oliveira
2005Beam Search Algorithms for the Early/Tardy Scheduling Problem with Release DatesRui Alves; Jorge Valente
2008Beam search algorithms for the single machine total weighted tardiness scheduling problem with sequence-dependent setupsJorge Valente; Rui Alves
2010Beam search heuristics for quadratic earliness and tardiness schedulingJorge Valente
2008Beam search heuristics for the single machine early/tardy scheduling problem with no machine idle timeJorge Valente