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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013H-2 Sensing Based on a Pd-Coated Tapered-FBG Fabricated by DUV Femtosecond Laser TechniqueSusana Oliveira Silva; Luís Carlos Coelho; José Almeida; Orlando Frazão; José Luís Santos; Malcata,FX; Becker,M; Rothhardt,M; Bartelt,H
2011HAIRIS: A method for automatic image registration through histogram-based image segmentationHernâni Gonçalves; José A. Gonçalves; Luís Corte Real
2011Hand Geometry Based Recognition System - A New Method with no Constraints on Image AcquisitionJaime Cardoso; Filipe Magalhães; Hélder Filipe Oliveira; Helder Matos
2012Hand-Geometry Based Recognition System - A Non Restricted Acquisition ApproachFilipe Magalhães; Hélder Filipe Oliveira; Helder Matos
2015Handling healthcare workforce planning with care: where do we stand?Mário Amorim Lopes; Almeida,AS; Bernardo Almada-Lobo
2014Handling renewable energy variability and uncertainty in power systems operationRicardo Jorge Bessa; Carlos Moreira; Bernardo Silva; Manuel Matos
2012Hardware acceleration of a Stereo Navigation application with high-level C to HW synthesisJosé Carlos Alves; João Paiva Cardoso; Zlatko Petrov; João Vilela Teixeira
2013Hardware pipelining of repetitive patterns in processor instruction tracesJoão Bispo; João Paiva Cardoso; Monteiro,J
2014The harmonic and noise information of the glottal pulses in speechRicardo Teixeira Sousa; Aníbal Ferreira; Alku,P
2015Harmonic mixing based on roughness and pitch commonalityGebhardt,R; Matthew Davies; Seeber,B
2016Harmony Generation Driven by a Perceptually Motivated Tonal Interval SpaceGilberto Bernardes Almeida; Diogo Miguel Cocharro; Carlos Guedes; Matthew Davies
2014HarmoSim: A tool for harmonic distortion simulation and assessment of nonlinear loadsJosé Ribeiro Baptista; Raul Morais; António Valente; Soares,S; Candeias,M; Reis,MJCS
2016Hash-Chain Based Authentication for IoT Devices and REST Web-ServicesAntónio Pinto; Ricardo Fernandes Costa
2016Hash-Chain-Based Authentication for IoTAntónio Pinto; Ricardo Fernandes Costa
2007Hausdorff dimension bounds for smoothness of holonomies for codimension 1 hyperbolic dynamicsF. Ferreira; Alberto Pinto; David Rand
2017A Hazard Analysis Method for Systematic Identification of Safety Requirements for User Interface Software in Medical DevicesPaolo Masci; Zhang,Y; Jones,PL; José Creissac Campos
2012HCAC: semi-supervised hierarchical clustering using confidence-based active learningAlípio Jorge; Bruno Magalhães Nogueira; Solange Rezende
2014HCI engineering: Charting the way towards methods and tools for advanced interactive systemsZiegler,J; José Creissac Campos; Nigay,L
2016HDR video on mobile devices Unlocker of new opportunities for digital businessMiguel Correia Melo; Luis Barbosa; Meira,C; Frederico Branco; Maximino Bessa