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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Wearable health devices—vital sign monitoring, systems and technologiesDuarte Filipe Dias; João Paulo Cunha; 6517; 5864
2018A Wearable System for the Stress Monitoring of Air Traffic Controllers During An Air Traffic Control Refresher Training and the Trier Social Stress Test: A Comparative StudySusana Cristina Rodrigues; Paiva,JS; Cunha,JPS; Dias,D; Aleixo,M; Filipe,R; 6322
2017Weightless neural networks for open set recognitionDouglas Oliveira Cardoso; João Gama; Franca,FMG
2008Well-being analysis for composite generation and transmission systems based on pattern recognition techniquesArmando Leite da Silva; Vladimiro Miranda; Leonidas C. de Resende; L . A. da Fonseca Manso
2017What catches the eye in class observation? Observers' perspectives in a multidisciplinary peer observation of teaching programTorres,AC; Lopes,A; Jorge Valente; Mouraz,A
2017Who controls the controller? A dynamical model of corruptionElvio Accinelli; Luís Filipe Martins; Oviedo,J; Alberto Pinto; Quintas,L
2010Who Rules the Ruler? On the Misconduct of Journal EditorsAurora Teixeira; Mariana Costa
2016Why Logical Clocks are EasyCarlos Baquero; Preguiça,NM
2016Why logical clocks are easyCarlos Baquero; Preguiça,N
2016Why logical clocks are easyCarlos Baquero; Preguiça,NM
2012WIKI::SCORE - A collaborative environment for music transcription and publishingJosé Nuno Oliveira; José João Almeida; Nuno Ramos Carvalho
2015Wind farm distribution network optimizationAdelaide Cerveira; José Ribeiro Baptista; Eduardo Pires
2010Wind Power Forecasting in U.S. Electricity MarketsAudun Botterud; Vladimiro Miranda; Jianhui Wang; Ricardo Jorge Bessa
2011Wind Power Forecasting Uncertainty and Unit CommitmentHrvoje Keko; Leonel Magalhães Carvalho; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Diego Issicaba; Jianhui Wang; Audun Botterud; Vladimiro Miranda; Jean Sumaili
2012Wind Power Trading under Uncertainty in LMP MarketsJean Sumaili; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Hrvoje Keko; Vladimiro Miranda; Audun Botterud; Jianhui Wang; Zhi Zhou
2016WirelessSyncroVision: Wireless synchronization for industrial stereoscopic systemsAndry Maykol Pinto; António Paulo Moreira; Paulo José Costa
2017Wivern: a Web-Based System Enabling Computer-Aided Diagnosis and Interdisciplinary Expert Collaboration for Vascular ResearchNovo,J; Rouco,J; Barreira,N; Ortega,M; Penedo,MG; Aurélio Campilho
2016Wood pellets as a sustainable energy alternative in PortugalNunes,LJR; Matias,JCO; João Catalão
2016Worlds of Events Deduction with Partial Knowledge about CausalityHaeri,SH; Van Roy,P; Carlos Baquero; Meiklejohn,C