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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Fabrication and Characterization of Metal Oxide-Coated Long-Period Fiber GratingsLuís Carlos Coelho; José Luís Santos; Diana Viegas; José Almeida
2017Fabrication of Fresnel plates on optical fibres by FIB milling for optical trapping, manipulation and detection of single cellsRodrigues Ribeiro,RS; Dahal,P; Ariel Guerreiro; Pedro Jorge; Viegas,J
2018Fabrication of Multimode-Single Mode Polymer Fiber Tweezers for Single Cell Trapping and Identification with Improved PerformanceRodrigues,SM; Joana Isabel Paiva; Ribeiro,RSR; Soppera,O; João Paulo Cunha; Pedro Jorge; 6260; 5864; 3565
2013Fabrication of tailored Bragg gratings by the phase mask dithering/moving techniqueMelo,M; Paulo Vicente Marques
2009Fabry-Perot Cavity Based on a Suspended-Core Fiber for Strain and Temperature MeasurementJens Kobelke; José Luís Santos; H. Latifi; Kay Schuster; Orlando Frazão; S. H. Aref; José Manuel Baptista
2017Fabry-Perot cavity based on polymer FBG as refractive index sensorFerreira,MFS; Statkiewiez Barabach,G; Kowal,D; Mergo,P; Urbanczyk,W; Orlando Frazão
2015Fabry-Perot cavity based on silica tube for strain sensing at high temperaturesMarta Sofia Ferreira; Paulo Roriz Oliveira; Bierlich,J; Kobelke,J; Wondraczek,K; Aichele,C; Schuster,K; José Luís Santos; Orlando Frazão
2009Fabry-Perot refractometer based on an end-of-fiber polymer tipD. J. Lougnot; Paulo Vicente Marques; T. Turck; Olivier Soppera; Orlando Frazão; Paulo Caldas
2014A FABRY-PEROT SENSOR PROTOTYPE FOR LOW-PRESSURE MEASUREMENTSPaulo Roriz Oliveira; Marta Sofia Ferreira; Schuster,K; Kobelke,J; Orlando Frazão
2012Fabry-Pérot cavities based on chemical etching for high temperature and strain measurementJosé Luís Santos; Paula Alexandra Tafulo; Pedro Jorge; Orlando Frazão
2011Fabry-Pérot Cavity Based on a Diaphragm Free Hollow Core Silica TubeMarta Sofia Ferreira; Luís Carlos Coelho; K. Schuster; J. Kobelke; José Luís Santos; Orlando Frazão
2012Fabry-Pérot cavity based on a high-birefringent fiber Bragg grating for refractive index and temperature measurementJosé Manuel Baptista; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; Pedro Jorge; Orlando Frazão
2012Fabry-Pérot Cavity Based on Hollow-Core Ring Photonic Crystal Fiber for Pressure SensingJens Kobelke; Marta Sofia Ferreira; Jörg Bierlich; H. Lehmann; Orlando Frazão; José Luís Santos; Kay Schuster
2011Facilitating qualitative research in business studies: Using the business narrative to model value creation'Manuel Au-Yong Oliveira; João José Ferreira
2007Factors Determining Esthetic Outcome after Breast Cancer Conservative TreatmentMaria Joao Cardoso; Jaime Cardoso
2017Factors determining subsidence in urbanized floodplains: evidence from MT-InSAR in Seville (southern Spain)Ruiz Constan,A; Ruiz Armenteros,AM; Galindo Zaldivar,J; Lamas Fernandez,F; Joaquim João Sousa; Sanz de Galdeano,CS; Pedrera,A; Martos Rosillo,S; Cuenca,MC; Manuel Delgado,JM; Hanssen,RF; Gil,AJ
2012Factors influencing hospital high length of stay outliersIsabel Garcia-Lema; Armando Teixeira-Pinto; Pavel Brazdil; Altamiro Costa-Pereira; Alberto Freitas; Tiago Silva-Costa; Fernando Lopes
2011Factory Templates for Digital Factories FrameworkAntónio Henrique Almeida; Américo Azevedo
2017Fading histograms in detecting distribution and concept changesRaquel Sebastião; João Gama; Mendonça,T
2015The failure analysis and lifetime prediction for the solder joint of the magnetic headXiao,XH; Peng,MF; Jaime Cardoso; Tang,RJ; Zhou,YL