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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014G-Tries: a data structure for storing and finding subgraphsPedro Manuel Ribeiro; Fernando Silva
2016Gamification of Learning Activities with the Odin serviceJosé Carlos Paiva; José Paulo Leal; Ricardo Queirós
2012Gas refractometry based on an all-fiber spatial optical filterLuís Carlos Coelho; Ricardo Melo André; Orlando Frazão; Susana Oliveira Silva
2015Gaze-Based Personalized Multi-View ExperiencesMaria Teresa Andrade; Tiago André Costa
2011Generation Expansion Planning (GEP) - A Long-Term Approach Using System Dynamics and Genetic AlgorithmsAdelino Coelho Pereira; João Tomé Saraiva
2017Generation of Customized Accelerators for Loop Pipelining of Binary Instruction TracesNuno Miguel Paulino; João Canas Ferreira; João Paiva Cardoso
2017A Generative Model for the Characterization of Musical RhythmsSioros,G; Matthew Davies; Guedes,C
2009A genetic algorithm approach for the single machine scheduling problem with linear earliness and quadratic tardiness penaltiesJosé Fernando Gonçalves; Jorge Valente
2011Genetic algorithms for single machine scheduling with quadratic earliness and tardiness costsMaria Moreira; Jorge Valente; Rui Alves; Alok Singh
2009Geometrical effects on the refractive index sensitivity of Mach-Zehnder fibre modal interferometers based on long-period gratingsGaspar Rego; Francisco Araújo; Luís Alberto Ferreira; José Luís Santos; Paulo Caldas; Pedro Jorge
2008The geometry of nesting problems: A tutorialJosé Fernando Oliveira; Julia A. Bennel
2013Geostatistical Prediction of Ocean Outfall Plume Characteristics Based on an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Regular PaperPatrícia Ramos
2013Glass container production scheduling through hybrid multi-population based evolutionary algorithmMotta Toledo,CFM; Arantes,MD; Ribeiro de Oliveira,RRR; Bernardo Almada-Lobo
2013Global against divided optimization for the participation of an EV aggregator in the day-ahead electricity market. Part I: TheoryRicardo Jorge Bessa; Manuel Matos
2013Global against divided optimization for the participation of an EV aggregator in the day-ahead electricity market. Part II: Numerical analysisRicardo Jorge Bessa; Manuel Matos
2006Global hyperbolicity of renormalization for C^r unimodal mappingsAlberto Pinto; Edson Faria; Welington Melo
2017A global perspective on an emotional learning model proposalFaria,AR; Almeida,A; Martins,C; Ramiro Gonçalves; José Luís Martins; Frederico Branco
2011"Good" or "Bad" Wind Power Forecasts: A Relative ConceptJianhui Wang; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Vladimiro Miranda; Audun Botterud
2012Goodness-of-fit for a concentrated von Mises-Fisher distribution.Adelaide Figueiredo
2010Gödel's system T revisitedIan Mackie; Sandra Alves; Maribel Fernández; Mário Florido