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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Mach-Zehnder Based on Large Knot Fiber Resonator for Refractive Index MeasurementAndré Delgado Gomes; Orlando Frazão
2016Machines and control systems for friction stir welding: A reviewMendes,N; Neto,P; Loureiro,A; António Paulo Moreira
2011A made-to-measure indicator for cross-disciplinary bibliometric ranking of researchers performanceJoão Claro; Carlos Costa
2014Magnetic Field Sensor Based on Nonadiabatic Tapered Optical Fiber With Magnetic FluidLayeghi,A; Latifi,H; Orlando Frazão
2014Maintenance planning in wind farms with allocation of teams using genetic algorithmsFonseca,I; Farinha,JT; Fernando Maciel Barbosa
2017Maize participatory breeding in Portugal: Comparison of farmer's and breeder's on-farm selectionMendes Moreira,P; Satovic,Z; João Mendes Moreira; Santos,JP; Nina Santos,JPN; Pego,S; Vaz Patto,MCV
2017Management and operations maintenance for a water treatment and supply companyCalais,JFLG; Azevedo,SG; De Oliveira Matias,JC; João Catalão
2014Management Driven Hybrid Multicast Framework for Content Aware NetworksIorga,R; Borcoci,E; Miruta,R; António Pinto; Carneiro,G; Calcada,T
2013Managing experiments on cognitive processes in writing with HandSpyMonteiro,C; José Paulo Leal
2013Managing perishability in production-distribution planning: a discussion and reviewPedro Amorim; Meyr,H; Almeder,C; Bernardo Almada-Lobo
2010Mandrel-Based Fiber Optic Sensors for Acoustic Detection of Partial Discharges - a proof of conceptJosé Luís Santos; Francisco Araújo; Luís Alberto Ferreira; Vladimiro Miranda; Sanderson Emanuel Lima; Orlando Frazão; Ruben G. Farias
2010Manufacturing and Testing Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels with Embedded SensorsA. T. Marques; C. Frias; H. Faria; Orlando Frazão; P. Vieira
2015Many-objective optimization with corner-based searchHélio Alves Freire; Paulo Moura Oliveira; Eduardo Pires; Maximino Bessa
2012Mapeamento do Empreendedorismo do Poder Local em PortugalAurora Teixeira; C. Silva
2011Mapping the (in)visible college(s) in the field of entrepreneurshipAurora Teixeira
2009A market based active/reactive dispatch including transformer taps and reactor and capacitor banks using Simulated AnnealingMário Hélder Gomes; João Tomé Saraiva
2008Market Segmentation Analysis Using Attitudes Toward Transportation Exploring the Differences Between Men and WomenJosé Sarsfield Cabral; Gabriela Beirão
2017Markov logic networks for adverse drug event extraction from textNatarajan,S; Bangera,V; Khot,T; Picado,J; Wazalwar,A; Vítor Santos Costa; Page,D; Caldwell,M
2011Markov random walk under constraint for discovering overlapping communities in complex networksCarlos Baquero; Bo Yang; Di Jin; Jie Liu; Dongxiao He; Dayou Liu
2007Matched filtering and parameter estimation of ringdown waveformsEmanuele Berti; Vitor Cardoso; Marco Cavaglià; Jaime Cardoso