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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The pallet loading problem: a review of solution methods and computational experimentsElsa Marília Silva; José Fernando Oliveira; Wäscher,Gerhard
2017Parallel definition of tear film maps on distributed-memory clusters for the support of dry eye diagnosisGonzalez Dominguez,J; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Martin,MJ
2012Parallel discovery of network motifsFernando Silva; Pedro Manuel Ribeiro; Luís Lopes
2012A parameterizable spatiotemporal representation of popular dance styles for humanoid dancing charactersMarc Leman; João Lobato Oliveira; Luiz Naveda; Fabien Gouyon; Luís Paulo Reis; Paulo Sousa
2018Parametric model fitting-based approach for retinal blood vessel caliber estimation in eye fundus imagesTeresa Finisterra Araújo; Ana Maria Mendonça; Aurélio Campilho; 6320; 6381; 6071
2007Participation of Doubly Fed Induction Wind Generators in System Frequency RegulationJoão Peças Lopes; Rogério Almeida
2009Partition-distance methods for assessing spatial segmentations of images and videosJaime Cardoso; Luís Corte Real; Pedro Miguel Carvalho; Luís Filipe Teixeira
2015Partitioning the grapevine growing season in the Douro Valley of Portugal: accumulated heat better than calendar datesReal,AC; José Luís Borges; José Sarsfield Cabral; Jones,GV
2010Partner selection in virtual enterprisesJosé António Crispim; Jorge Pinho de Sousa
2009Partner selection in virtual enterprises: a multi-criteria decision support approachJosé António Crispim; Jorge Pinho de Sousa
2016Passenger Journey Destination Estimation From Automated Fare Collection System Data Using Spatial ValidationAntónio Júlio Nunes; Teresa Galvão; João Falcão Cunha
2015Passive interferometric interrogation of a magnetic field sensor using an erbium doped fiber optic laser with magnetostrictive transducerIvo Maciel Nascimento; José Manuel Baptista; Pedro Jorge; Cruz,JL; Andres,MV
2017Pattern-based GUI testing: Bridging the gap between design and quality assuranceMoreira,RMLM; Ana Cristina Paiva; Nabuco,M; Memon,A
2017Patterns of synchrony for feed-forward and auto-regulation feed-forward neural networksAguiar,MAD; Dias,APS; Flora Rocha Ferreira
2012Performance and limits of KNN-based positioning methods for GSM networks over leaky feeder in underground tunnelsChristian Theis; Fernando Joaquim Pereira; Manuel Ricardo; Adriano Moreira
2010Performance Assessment of Construction Companies Integrating Key Performance Indicators and Data Envelopment AnalysisIsabel Horta; Ana Camanho; Jorge Moreira da Costa
2012Performance assessment of construction companies: A study of factors promoting financial soundness and innovation in the industryAna Camanho; Isabel Horta; Jorge Moreira da Costa
2012Performance assessment of secondary schools: the snapshot of a country taken by DEAMaria Conceição Portela; Diogo Borges; Ana Camanho
2017Performance Comparison of Grid-Faulty Control Schemes for Inverter-Based Industrial MicrogridsCamacho,A; Castilla,M; Canziani,F; Carlos Moreira; Coelho,P; Gomes,M; Mercado,P
2012Performance comparison of retailing stores using a Malmquist-type indexAna Camanho; Maria Clara Vaz