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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013R&D DYNAMICSBecker,J; Ferreira,M; Bruno Mendes Oliveira; Alberto Pinto
2017Radio-cephalic fistula recovered with drainage to forearm basilic veinNorton De Matos,A; Sousa,CN; Almeida,P; Paulo Teles; Loureiro,L; Teixeira,G; Rego,D; Teixeira,S
2010Radio-frequency self-referencing system for monitoring drop fibres in wavelength division multiplexing passive optical networksJosé Manuel Baptista; D S Montero; C Vasquez; José Luís Santos; J Montalvo
2009Radio-Frequency Self-Referencing Technique With Enhanced Sensitivity for Coarse WDM Fiber Optic Intensity SensorsJosé Luís Santos; Orlando Frazão; Julio Montalvo; José Manuel Baptista; Carmen Vasquez
2017Radiographic assessment of humeroulnar congruity in a medium and a large breed of dogAlves-Pimenta,S; Colaço,B; Fernandes,AM; Lio Gonçalves; Colaço,J; Melo-Pinto,P; Ginja,MM
2017Raman imaging studies on the adsorption of methylene blue species onto silver modified linen fibersFateixa,S; Wilhelm,M; Alípio Jorge; Nogueira,HIS; Trindade,T
2011A Raman laser intensity sensor induced by the cooperative Rayleigh scattering in a ring configurationJosé Manuel Baptista; Orlando Frazão; Carina Correia; Manuel Joaquim Marques
2015Rand-FaSE: fast approximate subgraph censusPedro Reis Paredes; Pedro Manuel Ribeiro
2011Rapid fabrication of dual analyte luminescent optrodes by self-guiding photo-polymerizationPedro Jorge; Paulo Vicente Marques; César David Maule; O. Soppera
2018A rapid prototyping tool to produce 360º video-based immersive experiences enhanced with virtual/multimedia elementsTelmo Oliveira Adão; Pádua,L; Fonseca,M; Agrellos,L; Sousa,JJ; Magalhães,L; Emanuel Peres Correia; 5653; 5490
2018A rapid prototyping tool to produce 360º video-based immersive experiences enhanced with virtual/multimedia elementsFonseca,M; Emanuel Peres Correia; Magalhães,L; Sousa,JJ; Agrellos,L; Telmo Oliveira Adão; Pádua,L; 5490; 5653
2009Rapid thermal annealing and conventional furnace effect on SrBi2Ta2O9 thin &#64257;lms crystallizationGerardo Aguilar; Isabel M Miranda Salvado; M. Elisabete Costa
2010Rayleigh assisted Brillouin Effects in Distributed Raman Amplifiers under Saturated Conditions at 40 Gb/sJ. C. W. Costa; Orlando Frazão; José Manuel Baptista; P. S. André; A. L. J. Teixeira; Henrique Salgado; M. A. G. Martinez; M. T. M. Rocco Giraldi; A. M. Rocha; B. Neto; C. Correia; M. E. V. Segatto; M. J. Pontes; A. P. L. Barbero; Manuel Joaquim Marques
2002The reaction of the Portuguese stock market to ISO 9000 certificationJosé Sarsfield Cabral; Gabriela Beirão
2008Reactive power response of wind generators under an incremental network-loss allocation approachPaulo de Oliveira Jesus; Edgardo Castronuovo; Teresa Ponce Leão
2013Real-time algorithm for changes detection in depth of anesthesia signalsRaquel Sebastião; Silva,MM; Rabico,R; João Gama; Mendonca,T
2012Real-time estimation of tyre-road friction peak with optimal linear parameterisationRicardo Castro; Diamantino Freitas; Rui Esteves Araujo
2017Real-Time Optical Monitoring of Etching Reaction of Microfluidic Channel Fabricated by Femtosecond Laser Direct WritingJoão Miguel Maia; Vítor Oliveira Amorim; Daniel Alexandre; Paulo Vicente Marques
2015Real-Time Tear Film Classification Through Cost-Based Feature SelectionCanedo,VB; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Maroño,NS; Betanzos,AA
2010Realidade Aumentada e Ubiquidade na EducaçãoJoão Varajão; Maria Manuela Cruz-Cunha; Maria Gentil Reis; João Barreira; Luis Barbosa; Luís Gonzaga Magalhães; Maximino Bessa