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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Tabling, Rational Terms, and Coinduction Finally Together!Theofrastos Mantadelis; Ricardo Rocha; Paulo Moura
2014A tabu search for the permutation flow shop problem with sequence dependent setup timesNicolau Filipe Santos; Rui Diogo Rebelo; João Pedro Pedroso
2017Tactical production and distribution planning with dependency issues on the production processWei,WC; Luís Guimarães; Pedro Amorim; Bernardo Almada-Lobo
2014Teaching Fourier series expansions in undergraduate education with the help of the FouSE android applicationReis,MJCS; Soares,S; Cardeal,S; Raul Morais; Emanuel Peres Correia; Ferreira,PJSG
2014Teaching particle swarm optimization through an open-loop system identification projectPaulo Moura Oliveira; Vrancic,D; José Boaventura; Eduardo Pires
2010Teaching, Learning and Exploring the Use of Project-Based LearningC. I. Faustino Agreira; C. M. Machado Ferreira; M.M. Travassos Valdez; Fernando Maciel Barbosa
2010Teaching, Learning and Exploring the-Use of Project-Based LearningCristina F. Agreira; Manuel T. Valdez; Fernando Maciel Barbosa; Carlos M. Ferreira
2014A Team-Based Scheduling Model for Interfacing Or-Parallel Prolog EnginesJoão Pedro Santos; Ricardo Rocha
2010Technical and economic efficiency analysis of the Portuguese artisanal dredge fleetManuela Maria Oliveira; Miguel Gaspar; Ana Camanho
2002Teichmüller spaces and HR structures for hyperbolic surface dynamicsAlberto Pinto; David Rand
2012Temperature and Strain Sensing With Femtosecond Laser Written Bragg Gratings in Defect and Non-Defect Suspended-Silica-Core FibersPaulo Vicente Marques; H. Bartelt; M. Rothhardt; J. Kobelke; Luís André Fernandes; M. Becker; Orlando Frazão; K. Schuster; José Luís Santos
2011Temperature and Strain-Independent Curvature Sensor Based on a Single mode/Multimode Fiber Optic StructureF. X. Malcata; Luís Alberto Ferreira; Francisco Araújo; José Luís Santos; Susana Oliveira Silva; Orlando Frazão
2017Temperature Compensated Strain Sensor Based on Long Period Gratings and MicrospheresAscorbe,J; Luís Carlos Coelho; Santos,JL; Orlando Frazão; Corres,JM
2007Temperature field acquisition during gas metal arc welding using thermocouples, thermography and fibre Bragg grating sensorsJosé Luís Santos; M T Restivo; P M S T de Castro; Orlando Frazão; P M G P Moreira; S M O Tavares; M A V Figueiredo
2018Temperature independent refractive index measurement using a fiber Bragg grating on abrupt tapered tipAndré Delgado Gomes; Beatriz Machado Silveira; Warren Smith,SC; Becker,M; Rothhardt,M; Orlando Frazão
2012Temperature Independent Torsion Sensor based on a High Birefringent Sagnac Loop InterferometerMarta Sofia Ferreira; Orlando Frazão; Ricardo Manuel Silva
2008Temperature sensor using Hi-Bi erbium doped fiber loop mirrorM. T. M. R. Giraldi; Diogo Egypto; Lucas Bittencourt; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Orlando Frazão
2010Temperature- and Strain-Independent Torsion Sensor using a fiber loop mirror based on a Suspended Twin-core FibreOrlando Frazão; K. Schuster; Ricardo Manuel Silva; J. Kobelke
2011Temperature-independent curvature sensor using FBG cladding modes based on a core misaligned spliceCarlos Jesus Gouveia; Orlando Frazão; Pedro Jorge; José Manuel Baptista
2016Temperature-Independent Multi-Parameter Measurement Based on a Tapered Bragg FiberMartins,TJM; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Roy,P; Jamier,R; Fevrier,S; Orlando Frazão