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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Validating an Approach to Formalize Use Cases with OntologiesRui Miguel Couto; António Nestor Ribeiro; José Creissac Campos
2015Validating the coverage of bus schedules: A Machine Learning approachJoão Mendes Moreira; Moreira Matias,L; João Gama; Jorge Freire Sousa
2017Validation of a low intrusiveness heart rate sensor for stress assessmentPereira,T; Almeida,PR; João Paulo Cunha; Aguiar,A
2006Valuation of switchable tariff for wind energy ; Gerard Sheblé; João Peças Lopes; Manuel Matos
2017Value cocreation in service ecosystems Investigating health care at the micro, meso, and macro levelsGabriela Beirão; Lia Patrício; Fisk,RP
2010Value of photographic side-views in the objective evaluation of the aesthetic results of breast cancer conservative treatmentJaime Cardoso; Hélder Filipe Oliveira; Susy Costa; Maria João Cardoso; André T. Magalhães
2017The values of market-based demand response on improving power system reliability under extreme circumstancesWang,F; Xu,HC; Xu,T; Li,KP; Shafie Khah,M; João Catalão
2011Veículos elétricos: recursos móveis de energiaEd Bower; Pedro Rocha Almeida; David Emanuel Rua; N. Hatziargyriou; V. Lioliou; João Peças Lopes; Filipe Joel Soares; M. Ferdowsi; K. Strunz; N. Downing
2011Veri&#64257;cation Conditions for Source-level Imperative ProgramsJorge Sousa Pinto; Maria João Frade
2017Verification of User Interface Software: The Example of Use-Related Safety Requirements and Programmable Medical DevicesHarrison,MD; Paolo Masci; José Creissac Campos; Curzon,P
2017Vertical land motion and sea level change in MacaronesiaMendes,VB; Susana Alexandra Barbosa; Romero,I; Madeira,J; da Silveira,AB
2010Very early prediction of wine yield based on satellite data from VEGETATIONM. Cunha; André Marçal; L. Silva
2015Very fast decision rules for classification in data streamsKosina,P; João Gama
2017Vibration and Magnetic Field Sensing Using a Long-Period GratingNascimento,IM; Chesini,G; José Manuel Baptista; Cordeiro,CMB; Pedro Jorge
2013A vibration sensor based on a distributed Bragg reflector fibre laserMarta Sofia Ferreira; Becker,M; Bartelt,H; Mergo,P; José Luís Santos; Orlando Frazão
2009Video object matching across multiple independent views using local descriptors and adaptiveLuís Corte Real; Luís Filipe Teixeira
2013A view of microgridsJoão Peças Lopes; André Guimarães Madureira; Carlos Moreira
2018Vineyard properties extraction combining UAS-based RGB imagery with elevation dataPadua,L; Marques,P; Sousa,JJ; Morais,R; Hruska,J; Telmo Oliveira Adão; Bessa,J; António Ribeiro Sousa; Emanuel Peres Correia; 5844; 5490; 5653
2014A Virtual Environment based Serious Game to Support Health EducationGomes,T; Abade,T; José Creissac Campos; Michael Douglas Harrison; Silva,JL
2013Vision system for tracking handball players using fuzzy color processingSantiago,CB; Armando Sousa; Luís Paulo Reis