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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015DOTS: Drift Oriented Tool SystemCósta,J; Silva,C; Mário João Antunes; Ribeiro,B
2017DottedDB: Anti-Entropy without Merkle Trees, Deletes without TombstonesRicardo Tomé Gonçalves; Paulo Sérgio Almeida; Carlos Baquero; Vítor Francisco Fonte
2015DRIVER - A platform for collaborative framework understandingNuno Flores; Ademar Aguiar
2015Dual technology energy storage system applied to two complementary energy marketsFerreira,HL; Gibescu,M; Stankova,K; Kling,WL; João Peças Lopes
2011DWXML: A preservation format for data warehousesCristina Ribeiro; Gabriel David; Carlos Filipe Aldeias
2006Dynamic and Automatic Connection of Personal Area Networks to the Global InternetManuel Ricardo; Rui Lopes Campos
2005Dynamic and Automatic Interworking between Personal Area Networks using CompositionJosé Ruela; Manuel Ricardo; Rui Lopes Campos; Carlos Pinho
2017Dynamic and Heterogeneous Ensembles for Time Series ForecastingVítor Manuel Cerqueira; Luís Torgo; Mariana Rafaela Oliveira; Pfahringer,B
2005Dynamic Autoconfiguration in 4G Networks: Problem Statement and Preliminary SolutionManuel Ricardo; Rui Lopes Campos
2017Dynamic Collision Avoidance System for a Manipulator Based on RGB-D DataBrito,T; Lima,J; Pedro Gomes Costa; Piardi,L
2015A Dynamic Logic for Every SeasonAlexandre Castro Madeira; Renato Jorge Neves; Martins,MA; Luís Soares Barbosa
2016Dynamic Logic with Binders and Its Application to the Development of Reactive SystemsAlexandre Castro Madeira; Luís Soares Barbosa; Hennicker,R; Martins,MA
2013Dynamic multi-interface services: An application to the design of a multimedia serviceJorge Daniel Teixeira; Lia Patrício; Huang,KH; Nobrega,L; Constantine,L; Fisk,RP
2016Dynamic Network Tariffs: Are they the Most Efficient Way to Match Peak Consumption and Network Incremental Costs?Pires,G; Saraiva,J; Nunes,J; Fidalgo,J; Rui Barbosa Pinto
2018A dynamic programming approach for integrating dynamic pricing and capacity decisions in a rental contextJosé Fernando Oliveira; Beatriz Brito Oliveira; Maria Antónia Carravilla; 1297; 265; 6333
2006Dynamic service management in heterogeneous environments using MPEG-21 DIA for multimedia content adaptationLucian Ciobanu; Maria Teresa Andrade; Pedro Souto; Pedro Miguel Carvalho; Hélder Fernandes Castro; B. Feiten
2010Dynamic Stability and Control Design of Modern Electric Energy Systems with Large Penetration of Distributed GeneratorsMasoud Nazari; João Peças Lopes; Marija Ili&#263; João Peças Lopes
2016Dynamically Reconfigurable FFT Processor for Flexible OFDM Baseband ProcessingMário Lopes Ferreira; Amin Barahimi; João Canas Ferreira
2016Dynamically Reconfigurable LTE-compliant OFDM Modulator for Downlink TransmissionMário Lopes Ferreira; Barahimi,A; João Canas Ferreira
2012Dynamics and control of multi-terminal high voltage direct current networks for integration of large offshore wind parks into AC gridsO. Despouys; A; D. Cirio; A. Gatti; A. Pitto; Bernardo Amaral Silva; Bernardo Silva; Carlos Moreira; M. Denis; E. Ciapessoni