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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014ExpertBayes: Automatically refining manually built Bayesian networksEzilda Duarte Almeida; Pedro Silva Ferreira; Tiago Travassos Vinhoza; Inês Dutra; Borges,P; Wu,Y; Burnside,E
2011Exploiting Additional Dimensions as Virtual Items on Top-N Recommender SystemsAlípio Jorge; Carlos Manuel Soares; Marcos Aurélio Domingues
2008Exploiting Automated Demand Response, Generation and Storage Capabilities for Hierarchical Frequency Control in Islanded Multi-MicrogridsJoão Peças Lopes; Nuno José Gil
2017Exploiting Partial Knowledge for Efficient Model AnalysisNuno Moreira Macedo; Alcino Cunha; Pessoa,E
2011Exploiting the Potential of Electric Vehicles to Improve Operating Conditions in Islanded GridsCarlos Moreira; Pedro Rocha Almeida; Filipe Joel Soares; João Peças Lopes
2016Exploiting universal redundancyAli Shoker
2012An Exploratory Research Agenda for 3-D Virtual Worlds as Collaborative Learning Ecosystems: Extracting Evidences from LiteraturePaulo Martins; Fernando Cassola; Diogo Azevedo; André Pinheiro; Leonel Morgado; Benjamim Fonseca; Hugo Paredes; António Correia
2011An Exploratory Study on the impact of Temporal Features on the Classification and Clustering of Future-Related Web DocumentsAlípio Jorge; Ricardo Campos; Gaël Dias
2016Exploring a Large News Collection Using Visualization ToolsTiago Nuno Devezas; José Luís Devezas; Sérgio Nunes
2017Exploring Resampling with Neighborhood Bias on Imbalanced Regression ProblemsPaula Oliveira Branco; Luís Torgo; Rita Paula Ribeiro
2015Exploring Scenario ExplorationNuno Moreira Macedo; Alcino Cunha; Guimaraes,T
2017Exploring SDN to deploy flexible sampling-based network monitoringda Silva,CP; Lima,SR; João Marco
2011Exploring Semantic Relationships Across Internet ResourcesNicola Mellazi; Fernando Luís Almeida; Giuseppe Tropea; Leonardo Chiariglione; Hélder Fernandes Castro; Maria Teresa Andrade
2017Exploring the relationship between corruption and health care services, education services and standard of livingMorais,P; Vera Miguéis; Ana Camanho
2014Exploring the usage of 3D virtual worlds and kinect interaction in exergames with elderlyHugo Paredes; Fernando Cassola Marques; Leonel Morgado; De Carvalho,F; Ala,S; Cardoso,F; Benjamim Fonseca; Paulo Martins
2015Exploring Ticketing Approaches Using Mobile Technologies: QR Codes, NFC and BLECouto,R; Leal,J; Costa,PM; Teresa Galvão
2017Expressing and Applying C++ Code Transformations for the HDF5 API Through a DSLGolasowski,M; João Bispo; Martinovic,J; Slaninová,K; João Paiva Cardoso
2012Extending the International Dimension of Life Long LearningFernando Maciel Barbosa; M. João Martins
2016The Extraction from News Stories a Causal Topic Centred Bayesian Graph for SugarcaneDrury,B; Conceição Nunes Rocha; Moura,MF; Lopes,AdA
2011Extraction of Events in Agribusiness Data Marts of Brazil Using Tucker DecompositionJoão Gama; Fernando E. Correa; Lucílio R. A. Alves; Pedro L. P. Corrêa; Márcia Barbosa Oliveira