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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Feature ranking in hoeffding algorithms for regressionDuarte,J; João Gama
2014Feature selection applied to human tear film classificationVillaverde,DG; Beatriz Remeseiro López; Barreira,N; Penedo,MG; Mosquera,A
2011Feature selection with complexity measure in a quadratic programming settingRicardo Sousa; Hélder Filipe Oliveira; Jaime Cardoso
2014Feature-based supervised lung nodule segmentationCampos,DM; Simoes,A; Ramos,I; Aurélio Campilho
2011Feed-In Tariffs for Wind Energy in Portugal: Current Status and Prospective FutureJose Barros; Hélder Leite
2014FEM simulation and experimental determination of the temperature profile of nanoparticles excited by laser radiationRodrigues,NFG; Carla Carmelo Rosa; Coelho,JMP
2011Femtosecond laser direct fabrication of integrated optical wave plates in fused silicaJ. S. Aitchison; Luís André Fernandes; Jason R. Grenier; Nome Apelido; Jin H. Kim; Paulo Vicente Marques; Peter R. Herman
2009Femtosecond Laser Writing of Phase-Shifted Bragg Grating Waveguides in Fused SilicaJ. S. Aitchison; Jason R. Grenier; Peter R. Herman; Paulo Vicente Marques; Luís André Fernandes
2012Femtosecond Laser Writing Of Polarization Devices For Optical Circuits In GlassPaulo Vicente Marques; Jason R. Grenier; Peter R. Herman; J. Stewart Aitchison; Luís André Fernandes
2011FERROELECTRIC AND PIEZOELECTRIC PROPERTIES OF MULTILAYER COMPOSITE THIN FILMS BASED ON MPB Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3&#8208;PbTiO3José Ramiro Fernandes; H. El-Hosiny Ali; Ricardo Jimemez; Jesús Ricote; Lourdes Calzada; Javier Cruz
2017FEUP at TREC 2017 OpenSearch Track Graph-Based Models for Entity-OrientedJosé Luís Devezas; Carla Lopes; Sérgio Nunes; 5585; 6205; 5448
2013FEUPCAR 2.0: Overview of a Low-cost Robot for Autonomous Driving CompetitionsVidal,AA; Luís Paulo Reis; António Paulo Moreira
2010Fiber Bragg Grating Selection of Frequency Interleaved OFDM Signals in Fiber Supported Microwave NetworksHenrique Salgado; Diogo Vieira Coelho
2017Fiber Bragg grating sensor based on cantilever structure embedded in polymer 3D printed materialLima,R; Tavares,R; Susana Oliveira Silva; Abreu,P; Restivo,MT; Orlando Frazão
2014Fiber Cavity Ring-down for Strain Sensing Using an OTDRSusana Oliveira Silva; Passos,DJ; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Orlando Frazão
2016Fiber Microstructure Sensors Based on Focused Ion Beam TechnologyRicardo Melo André; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Orlando Frazão
2015A fiber optic buckle transducer for measurement of in vitro tendon strainPaulo Roriz Oliveira; Ramos,A; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Simoes,JA; Orlando Frazão
2010Fiber optic refractometric configurations for environmental sensingPedro Jorge
2014Fiber Optic Sensing System for Monitoring of Coal Waste Piles in CombustionCarlos Duarte Viveiros; Ribeiro,J; Carvalho,JP; João Ferreira; Pinto,AMR; Perez Herrera,RA; Diaz,S; Lopez Gil,A; Dominguez Lopez,A; Esteban,O; Hugo Fidalgo Martins; Martin Lopez,S; Baierl,H; Auguste,JL; Jamier,R; Rougier,S; José Luís Santos; Flores,D; Roy,P; Gonzalez Herraez,M; Lopez Amo,M; José Manuel Baptista
2015Fiber Optic Sensing System for Temperature and Gas Monitoring in Coal Waste Pile Combustion EnvironmentsCarlos Duarte Viveiros; Ribeiro,J; João Ferreira; Lopez Aldaba,A; Pinto,AMR; Perez Herrera,RA; Diaz,S; Lopez Gil,A; Dominguez Lopez,A; Esteban,O; Martin Lopez,S; Auguste,JL; Jamier,R; Rougier,S; Susana Oliveira Silva; Orlando Frazão; José Luís Santos; Flores,D; Roy,P; Gonzalez Herraez,M; Lopez Amo,M; José Manuel Baptista