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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015C and OpenCL Generation from MATLABJoão Bispo; Luís Cubal Reis; João Paiva Cardoso
2016Can Metalearning Be Applied to Transfer on Heterogeneous Datasets?Catarina Félix Oliveira; Carlos Manuel Soares; Alípio Jorge
2014Can we avoid unnecessary polysomnographies in the diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea? A Bayesian network decision support toolLeite,L; Santos,C; Pedro Pereira Rodrigues
2016Can we detect English proficiency through reading behavior? A preliminary studySilva,IG; Carla Lopes; Ellison,M
2012CAPTURA DE CÉLULAS COM LUZAriel Guerreiro; Ana Rita Ribeiro; Pedro Jorge
2017Cargo dynamic stability in the container loading problem -a physics simulation tool approachAntónio Galrão Ramos; João Tiago Jacob; Justo,JF; José Fernando Oliveira; Rui Pedro Rodrigues; António Miguel Gomes
2007Cascaded change detection for foreground segmentationLuís Corte Real; Luís Filipe Teixeira
2013A case study evaluating the impact of human behavior on a manufacturing process in-line with automatic processes by means of a simulation modelSilva,E; Donauer,M; Américo Azevedo; Pecas,P; Henriques,E
2017Case-based replaiming of search missions using AUVsNuno Miguel Abreu; Aníbal Matos
2016Cavity ring-down technique for remote sensing A proof-of-concept for displacement measurementSusana Oliveira Silva; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Orlando Frazão
2014Cavity Ring-Down with OTDR for remote sensingPassos,DJ; Susana Oliveira Silva; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Orlando Frazão
2012A Cellular Genetic Algorithm Architecture for FPGAsPedro Manuel Santos; José Carlos Alves
2016Central Medialness Adaptive Strategy for 3D Lung Nodule Segmentation in Thoracic CT ImagesGoncalves,L; Novo,J; Aurélio Campilho
2015Centre of mass determination based on an optical weighing machine using fiber Bragg gratingsOliveira,R; Paulo Roriz Oliveira; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Orlando Frazão
2013Certified computer-aided cryptography: Efficient provably secure machine code from high-level implementationsJosé Bacelar Almeida; Manuel Barbosa; Barthe,G; Dupressoir,F
2017CERTIFIED ROOMS FOR ELEARNING STUDENTS EVALUATIONBorges,J; Vaz,C; Amaral,M; Justino,E; João Barroso; Arsénio Reis
2014Challenges in computing semantic relatedness for large semantic graphsTeresa Almeida Costa; José Paulo Leal
2014Challenges in Learning from Streaming DataJoão Gama
2015Challenges in Learning from Streaming Data Extended AbstractJoão Gama
2016Challenging user interaction in Public Transportation Spider Maps: a Cobweb solution for the city of PortoMaciel,F; Teresa Galvão