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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Game Design Evaluation Study for Student IntegrationArmando Sousa; André Cruz; António Coelho
2015Game Design Techniques for Software Engineering Management EducationLetra,P; Ana Cristina Paiva; Nuno Flores
2014A game for robot operation training in Search and Rescue missionsGoncalves,R; Ricardo José Baptista; António Coelho; Aníbal Matos; de Carvalho,CV; Bedkowski,J; Musialik,P; Ostrowski,I; Majek,K
2017Gamification at ScraimSilva,D; António Coelho; Duarte,C; Henriques,PC
2006GANS: A Signalling Framework for Dynamic Interworking between Heterogeneous NetworksN. Akhtar; Rui Lopes Campos
2017A General Morphological Analysis to Support Strategic Management Decisions in Public Transport CompaniesDe Fátima Teles,M; Jorge Freire Sousa
2011Generation and control of automatic rhythmic performances in Max/MSPGeorgios Sioros; Carlos Guedes
2014Generation of relevant spreadsheet repair candidatesHofer,B; Rui Maranhão; Alexandre Campos Perez; Wotawa,F
2015A Genetic Algorithm for Scheduling Alternative Tasks Subject to Technical FailureDalila Fontes; José Fernando Gonçalves
2017Genetic algorithms approaches for the production planning in the glass container industryAmorim,FMS; da Silva Arantes,M; Toledo,CFM; Frisch,PE; da Silva Arantes,J; Bernardo Almada-Lobo
2010Geo Wars - The Development of a location-based gameJoão Jacob; António Coelho
2012Geographical Web Platform for e-TourismAntónio Coelho; André Correia Rodrigues; Mário Jorge Leitão; José Manuel Oliveira; Lino Oliveira; Leonel João Dias
2011Gimme 'Da Blues: A Jazz/Blues Player And Automatic Comping Generator For iOS Multitouch DevicesRui Dias; Carlos Guedes; Telmo Marques; Georgios Sioros
2013GIS2R-Augmented Reality and 360 degrees Panoramas Framework for GeomarketingLeonel João Dias; António Coelho; Rodrigues,A; Rebelo,C; Cardoso,A
2013Giving Alloy a familyRenato Jorge Neves; Alexandre Castro Madeira; Martins,MA; Luís Soares Barbosa
2013Global Constraints for Syntactic Consistency in OMR: An Ongoing ApproachAna Maria Rebelo; André Marçal; Jaime Cardoso
2010Good or Bad Wind Power Forecasts: A Relative ConceptAudun Botterud; Vladimiro Miranda; Jianhui Wang; Ricardo Jorge Bessa
2012Gradient Flow Based Detection of Prominent Points on BCCT Depth-Map ImagesHélder Filipe Oliveira; Jaime Cardoso
2012Gradient Flow Based Iris Segmentation on Noisy ImagesHélder Filipe Oliveira; Ana Filipa Sequeira; Jaime Cardoso; João Carlos Monteiro
2012Graph-based Approach for Interference Free Integration of Pervasive ApplicationsJosé Manuel Torres; Christophe Soares; Rui Moreira; Ricardo Morla; Pedro Sobral