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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008O Impacto do Software Livre na Telefonia IPFernando Luís Almeida
2015Oadaboost an adaboost Variant for Ordinal ClassificationCosta,J; Jaime Cardoso
2016OBAVUM: An Ontology-based Approach to Visualizing Urban Mobility DataThiago Sobral; Vera Lúcia Costa; José Luís Borges; Tânia Daniela Fontes; Teresa Galvão
2007Object-Based Spatial Segmentation of Video Guided by Depth and Motion InformationJaime Cardoso; Jorge Carlos Cardoso; Luís Corte Real
2017Objective quality assessment of retinal images based on texture featuresBeatriz Remeseiro López; Ana Maria Mendonça; Aurélio Campilho
2016Observational Semantics for Dynamic Logic with BindersHennicker,R; Alexandre Castro Madeira
2012Obstacle avoidance in optimal switching of a formation geometryDalila Fontes; Fernando ACC Fontes
2015Obstructive Sleep Apnea diagnosis: the Bayesian network model revisitedPedro Pereira Rodrigues; Santos,DF; Leite,L
2015Odin: A Service for Gamification of Learning ActivitiesJosé Carlos Paiva; José Paulo Leal; Ricardo Queirós
2017Offline Programming of Collision Free Trajectories for Palletizing RobotsSilva,R; Luís Freitas Rocha; Relvas,P; Pedro Gomes Costa; Manuel Santos Silva
2016Oligopolistic Behavior of Wind Power Producer in Electricity Markets including Demand Response ResourcesShafie Khah,M; Shoreh,MH; Siano,P; Nilufar Neyestani; Yazdani Damavandi,M; João Catalão
2015On Compiling Linear Logic Programs with Comprehensions, Aggregates and Rule PrioritiesCruz,F; Ricardo Rocha
2005On Congestion Control for Interactive Real-time Applications in Dynamic Heterogeneous 4G NetworksManuel Ricardo; Filipe Lameiro Abrantes
2014On enhancing disabled students' accessibility in environmental education using ICT: The MusicPaint caseHadjileontiadou,SJ; Plastra,E; Toumpas,K; Kyprioti,K; Mandiliotis,D; João Barroso; Hadjileontiadis,LJ
2016On Interval Dynamic LogicSantiago,RHN; Bedregal,BRC; Alexandre Castro Madeira; Martins,MA
2012On Measuring Syncopation to Drive an Interactive Music SystemAndre Holzapfel; Georgios Sioros; Carlos Guedes
2017On modifying the temporal modeling of HSMMs for pediatric heart sound segmentationOliveira,J; Theofrastos Mantadelis; Renna,F; Gomes,P; Coimbra,MT
2014On predicting a call center's workload: A discretization-based approachLuís Moreira Matias; Nunes,R; Michel Ferreira; João Mendes Moreira; João Gama
2013On Predicting the Taxi-Passenger Demand: A Real-Time ApproachLuís Moreira Matias; João Gama; Michel Ferreira; João Mendes Moreira; Damas,L
2013On recommending urban hotspots to find our next passengerLuís Moreira Matias; Fernandes,R; João Gama; Michel Ferreira; João Mendes Moreira; Damas,L